Woodleigh as a (remotely) connected community

As we head into the mid-year break, it has been interesting to reflect on the intense period of disruption we experienced as a community during Term Two. The infographic below provides some insight into the scale of the change we experienced with the move to remote learning, including the high levels of engagement by students, teachers, and parents.

For me, the numbers highlight the depth of the Woodleigh community’s commitment to supporting the learning of our young people, and what can be achieved through a strong partnership between home and school. While the school’s CLP is intended as an emergency response, the teaching staff will continue to reflect on our recent experiences next semester, to build on what we have learned during this time, including the possible applications for our practice in a typical school setting. 

One unexpected positive to emerge from lockdown has been the network of global connections the school has made during this time, with school administrators and educators from around the world reaching out to support and learn from each other.

Director of Learning, Strategy and Innovation