Y1 Update

Year 1 has hit the ground running this term. With the end of remote learning insight, we are looking forward to returning to the classroom and quickly getting back into class routines, understanding expectations, and spending time reconnecting with our peers and teachers.

It has been wonderful to see the students reconnect over the past week and share their holiday experiences.


Our morning check-in sessions have provided a fantastic opportunity for students to spend time with their peers, share their thoughts, unique toys/games and creations, and news about themselves and their families.

During this time as a class, we have also used feelings faces to describe how we feel.

The students have also participated in an animal-themed HIIT workout, meditation session, and breathing exercises to help prepare for the day ahead and ready their minds and bodies for learning.


Over the past week, we have brainstormed, planned, and written a holiday recount focusing on sequencing our ideas and using correct punctuation. It was beautiful to witness the excited chatter of the children listening to and sharing their adventures with their peers while in breakout rooms.

In thinking about what we would like to achieve this term, the students have shared two things they do well and have thought about an area of learning they would like to improve. From this, they have written a Term 4 learning goal which includes the steps they will take to achieve their goal.


We began the term by revisiting subtraction and looked at how we could use a number line to solve subtraction problems. In workshop times, we played Bingo, focusing on addition and subtraction, and The Magician’s Hat to revise this process.

This past week we have been looking at fair share division. Our lines of inquiry have focused on recognising whether there is a remainder or not after sharing equally. We have explored different scenarios that involve sharing, including even and uneven shares.

Unit of Inquiry

To begin this term, we will continue with our current inquiry unit, Where we are in place and time. This week, the students created some open questions to use in an interview with a grandparent, parent, or older person to find out what life was like for them when they were our age.

We are currently investigating how historical sources tell stories about the past and curate sources to remember things about our personal history. These lines of inquiry will lead to creating an online exhibition of a critical family artifact.

Following on from this, we will start our next Unit of Inquiry, How we express ourselves. Through this inquiry, we will look at how light and sound enable people to use them as a form of expression.

In what has been a very challenging time for everyone, it has been wonderful to witness the students’ continued resilience, flexibility, compassion, and persistence, and I look forward to seeing them back in the classroom very soon.

Year 1 Classroom Teacher