Y1 Update

It has been wonderful to witness the sense of community, resilience, hard work, and determination of our Year 1’s during this final term.

It has been a busy time in the classroom and outdoors on Discovery Day.

In Literacy, we have learned about different styles of poetry and have written some wonderful acrostic and rhyming poems.

In Numeracy, we have had some fun revising concepts and consolidating our skills through hands-on experiences and games.

On Discovery Day, we were challenged weekly by the weather gods while exploring what the different sites offered. We also had fun experimenting with a range of tools and their uses.

We concluded our final unit of inquiry, ‘How we express ourselves,’ with a fantastic display of shadow puppetry planned and scripted by our students.

The fantastic choir performance at Perberkoong was a highlight of our final weeks in Year 1.

Unfortunately, our annual Beach Picnic was cut short due to the weather. However, we managed to venture onto the sand for the sand sculpting competition before heading back to Minimbah.

As the curtains close on another year of school for our students, I would like to thank all Year 1 families for supporting our students and program throughout 2021.

I wish all families a safe and happy festive season and look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Year 1 Classroom Teacher