"On Tuesday, 7 September, the Year 10 cohort was given the amazing opportunity to participate in a Model United Nations Day hosted by the UNAA. Prior to the day, we were given class time to research and investigate both the role of the United Nations as an organisation and how individual countries fit into the organisation. We focussed on learning how climate change is impacting these countries, their standpoints on the issues the world is facing, as well as learning about national sports and national foods. Although we were preparing for an in-person experience for the model UN day, the experience was adjusted to be held via zoom. This was especially interesting and allowed us to learn about how prominent video conferencing is becoming for global collaboration, especially since the most recent UN General Assemblies have been held virtually. The experiences we were able to participate in throughout the day gave us the chance to use active critical thinking skills and learn about the importance of advocacy and collaboration. The Model UN day allowed us to deepen our understanding and knowledge of global issues and how alliances between countries are developed and upheld. Overall, the experience was one of a kind and was very valuable. I had a great time!"

Stella S

Humanities Learning Area Leader