Y12 Business Management

"On the 3rd of May, the Year 12 Business Management classes and teachers Ms. Kawashima and Mr. Chapple travelled to the Yakult factory in Dandenong South, where we participated in a guided tour.  When we first arrived, the tour guide led us up a flight of stairs, where we entered the first level of the factory. The first level of the factory showed the production of the icon little plastic bottles of Yakult and how they are filled and quality controlled. 

Next, we moved to the second level of the building, where we viewed the fermentation and the duplicating process of the good bacteria of Yakult itself.  We also got to consider how each batch is tested before shipped to store shelves.  Finally, we moved into the information room, where we learned about discovering the Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain and how Dr. Minoru Shirota founded the Yakult company in Japan. 

The tour guide showed us the regional versions of the product worldwide and its evolution due to market and social needs. The tour itself was intriguing and built on concepts we had learned in class. It will also help prepare us for future topics, such as operations systems of input, processes and output, and Operations Management. The experience helped me grasp a better understanding of the production of a marketable product and its crucial stages."Xander M 

French and Business Management Teacher