Y2 Update

It has been a great start to the term for our Year Twos! One of the highlights being performing our assembly in week 2. The class was simply buzzing with excitement as they prepared and practised their parts. The children spoke beautifully, and it was clear on the day that they thoroughly enjoyed their experience. They are still requesting we sing our song each day! 

It is an enthusiasm that has continued with their learning in class, and I am sure the rest of the term will be just as exciting.

What have we been up to?


They have been finishing up their unit on 'Where we are in place and time,' where they have discovered and discussed the different types of environments that people live in worldwide and how that influences the way they live. They have been using their research skills to find out facts about specific places that they are interested in, including their types of homes there. The past week has been filled with different kinds of shelters: huts, igloos, houses, sheds, and teepees.

The class will now start our new unit on 'Sharing the planet' with the central idea 

  • People can work together to create sustainable practices and solutions for our world.

Lines of Inquiry

  • Choices that can lead to sustainable practices and solutions (responsibility, sustainable practices, choice, function)
  • People & organisations that create sustainable practices and solutions (function, responsibility, sustainable practices)
  • How we can work together to create sustainable practices and solutions (responsibility, causation, choices, solutions)


This term, we have started reading 'The Enchanted Woods' series, and the class has been enjoying identifying the beautiful descriptive language used to show what the characters are experiencing. They have been engrossed with using their imagination, sharing their thoughts, and using their prediction skills to guess what might be coming next. 

As well as the in-class literacy focus, children will continue with Read Write Inc sessions each morning. Some students will change groups this term to ensure their focus best suits their needs but continue to work in small groups, reading books, decoding story words, sight words, spelling, and writing sentences. 

This term, the children have continued to work on recounts and begun to explore different text types for various purposes, such as information reports. They have been finding the difference between a fact and an opinion. The class has enthusiastically taken action by researching facts about their areas of interest, sharing what they discovered with us, and then using their skills to research different countries to complete their informative texts.

Later this term, they will start looking at persuasive writing as a text type, so watch out if they start giving supporting arguments for why they should have their way!


This term, they have focussed on some of their measurement and geometry skills. They have explored the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, including taking note of how these properties can be applied to irregular shapes. In line with our unit of inquiry, they have also been looking at position and location, creating maps of treasure islands and long-lost lands. They will now focus on representing and solving simple addition and subtraction problems using various strategies, including counting, partitioning, and rearranging numbers. The children will understand the relationship between addition and subtraction and apply this to more significant numbers.

On Monday afternoons, the students have participated in mixed group problem-solving sessions with Lisa Rix, Liane Clements, Rachel Lewis, and myself. These sessions have been focussing on number skills and problem-solving and cater to specific learning goals.

Year 2 Classroom Teacher