Y2 Update

Welcome Back! As we start the transition back to the classroom, it is a great time to reflect on the incredible job the Year 2s have done during their online learning journey.

Firstly, I must congratulate the children for the resilience and positivity they have shown. A personal highlight has been the opportunity to connect and share every day during our morning sessions. Whether it has been playing a game together, sharing our experiences or a joke, reflecting on what we are most proud of or simply enjoying each other's company. Our lively discussions and laughter together during Zooms have gone a long way to maintaining those connections and friendships while online.

This self-awareness has also been demonstrated in more wellbeing focussed activities. I have been so impressed with their ability to reflect on their feelings, emotions and honest thoughts on the various Resilience Project and Mojo lessons, cyber safety and, of course, their end of week reflections. I applaud them for their ability to use their growth mindset always to find the silver lining! However, I know that next week will indeed be an exciting time for them to be back on site together for Thursday and Friday, and we will be making the most of being together!

I have also been so proud and impressed with the learning they have been doing while at home.

In our Unit of Inquiry, it has been wonderful to see them exploring the different types of forces that create and affect movement in the world around them. I have loved seeing them able to identify the various forces and use them in a broader sense as they applied them to engage in some spectacular design challenges. The way they combined their understanding and creative problem-solving skills to build their designs and explain why they worked was a joy to see. Next week we will be wrapping up this unit with children showcasing their creations with the class while on site. Then will move on to our new Unit of Inquiry, 'How we express ourselves.'

In Maths this term, we have continued our hands-on learning as we looked closely at mass and capacity. The children have been able to use their environments at home to explore, compare and measure different items and test their weight and capacity using informal and formal methods. It was great to have them linking this into our inquiry as we used mass to assist in our machines, such as using weight for gravity and making their 'test' egg.

In English, we have commenced our RWI sessions with our new groups and teachers. We can look forward to working with these groups onsite and online, developing knowledge about the sounds of our language and building fluency and comprehension. As a whole class, we have continued our investigation on informative and procedural texts focusing on the purpose, structure and features required for the audience. It has also included the need for precise language and topic-specific language.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to you all for your support of your children while we have been online; it wouldn't have been such a successful time without your encouragement during this challenging time. I look forward to welcoming everyone back to school next week, and I anticipate many delighted faces through the doors!

Year 2 Classroom Teacher