Y2 Update

It has been with great enthusiasm and excitement that the Year 2s have settled back into school life. Though I was so impressed with their effort during the continuous learning, nothing compares to having our learning community back together and off Zoom! We have certainly hit the ground running with a busy past few weeks as we make the most of our time together. The positive, creative energy in the room when every student is working side-by-side is incredible! It is a delight to see the sense of fun and joy they bring to their learning each day.

As we transition back to the school schedule, our wellbeing focus has never been more appreciated. The students love the opportunity to start the day with a circle time talk or game and relish the chance to break up the day with regular movement breaks or take the time to refocus with mindfulness activities. They have come back with an appreciation of the little things, and it warms my heart to hear the moments of gratitude they share. The students have learned persuasive language to use as they advocate for an extra GoNoodle or brain break!

What does the rest of the term hold for Year 2?


The students have started their focus on narrative texts for this term. They have started looking at a range of narratives and picture storybooks, discussing how stories work and identifying key elements of their structures. There will be an explicit focus on understanding the author's intention and their devices to express this to their audience. The children will then apply their understanding to develop a creative story. They focus on the editing process, from planning and designing, editing and revising, to finally publishing their stories.

This will include;

Reading a diverse range of texts and picture books and thinking of the perspective portrayed

  • Reading to self and reading aloud to others focusing on accuracy, fluency and comprehension
  • Creating mind maps and story planners for narrative texts
  • Developing their skills by re-reading and editing texts
  • Applying the problem, action, solution structure of stories
  • Using their knowledge of the Read, Write Inc sounds to make attempts to spell unknown words
  • Expanding their vocabulary choice to include some 'wow' words
  • Understanding the importance of short 'power' sentences
  • Ensuring boundary punctuation and capital letters are used appropriately.
  • Understanding, displaying and manipulating the fractions of 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8.
  • Understanding that fractions can be part of a whole as well as part of a collection.
  • The relationship between division and fractions
  • Studying the place value of fractions and finding where they fit on a number line
  • The likelihood of events can be predicted and expressed in different ways.
  • Revisiting Shape – understanding and using one-step slides & flips, ½ and ¼ turns
  • Revisiting Location – using coding and maps to follow and give directions to a destination.
  • How the observable properties of materials influence the way they are used
  • The connection between technology and materials
  • Ways we can use and combine materials to express ourselves creatively


In Numeracy this term, the students will be introduced to some new concepts and consolidate previous learning. They have been investigating a unit on fractions and developing their understanding of fractions in various applications. Students will then move on to probability before spending the rest of the year reflecting on the knowledge learned over the year.

Students will be exploring strategies such as:

Our sharing of strategies will continue throughout this term, during which the students will be encouraged to explain their methods and share their thinking when solving problems.

Unit of Inquiry

In our inquiry unit, we've been exploring the central idea, 'Materials can be used and combined in different ways for creative expression.'

Our key lines of Inquiry are:

Students have started this unit looking at the particular properties of different materials such as sand, wire, and found natural materials. The children have been open-minded learners, looking beyond the typical function to think critically about creative ways to use these materials. It has been great to see the children learn and inspire each other as they create their own forms of artistic expression, and I can't wait to see what they come up with as the term goes on.

It has been so great to be back, and I am sure we will make the most of the valuable time we have left together in Year 2.

Year 2 Classroom Teacher