Y3 & 4 Group News

We have finally made it to the end of another tricky year due to COVID. We finish the year bright, enthusiastic, and ready for a break despite the hardships and lack of continuity due to lockdowns! As we reflect on the students’ progress and development, we share anecdotes of how the students work at school and alongside one another. We are confident that the students have learned, grown and developed in many ways. They are genuinely ready to move on to Years 4 and 5.

Unit of Inquiry

We have wrapped up our Inquiry Unit ‘How We Express Ourselves. Students have created an artifact to express the emotion ‘frustration’ throughout the term. Students showcased their work to an audience of peers and guests from Prep and Year 2. The array of presentations was impressive. Students shared sculptures, 3d generated designs, dances, songs, and more. Frustration was expressed through movement, objects, colours, sounds, and words. We marvelled at the breadth of learning and student agency displayed, not only in the summative presentation but also during the creative process. It was a pleasure to see student creativity bloom - from the genesis of an idea to the (sometimes messy and chaotic) creation process and through to completion. However, not all students completed their work. Nonetheless, the process remains most important. Generating ideas, planning an approach, creating, testing solutions, amending plans, tweaking designs, solving problems, evaluating and reflecting on work: these steps formed part of each student’s process.

Another crucial aspect of this Inquiry unit is focusing on the learner profiles. We have explicitly explored Risk-Taking, being Principled, and being good Communicators. Risk-taking with learning was on display continuously throughout this unit. Students challenged themselves by exploring new ways of expression. Some changed tack when obstacles were insurmountable, parting ways with previous work they had already put effort into. And they shared their learning – and mistakes- with their peers, which can be challenging to the most confident students.

We are very proud of the work of all students.


This term, we have explored the concepts of volume and capacity using a range of materials and containers. This has also involved a lot of estimation and comparing. We have also continued to work on number facts to build recall and fluency. Math games are the best for helping students develop competency with number facts. Some dice and a deck of cards are all you need. We strongly recommend Love Maths ( as a resource to use at home. Play some of these games with your kids – get them off devices over the holidays! It will bring the family together and improve their skills simultaneously.


Returning to school following the CLP meant a dedicated focus on the fundamentals of handwriting and bookwork. It has been necessary to improve writing stamina and letter formation. They reinforce writing habits that have lifelong benefits (Donna’s extensive art teaching background has been invaluable, as her repertoire of activities has also allowed students to improve fine motor skills further). After a reliance on technology during the CLP, the students have appreciated opportunities to put grey lead to paper and write.

We have looked at the concept of form with letter writing and creating ‘art gallery style’ descriptors to complement our Frustration artworks. We’ve also looked at text features, including font types, font sizes, bold, underlined and italicised text, and serif and sans serif fonts!

Although students have earned a break, we want to remind families of the importance of reading routines at home. Please expect your children to read several times each week to ensure they return to school in 2022, ready to hit the ground running!

All the best for a happy, safe and fun-filled break over summer. We wish you the best and thank you for your support this year.

Year 4 & 4 Teaching Team