Y3 & 4 Update

The 3/4 learning community has been a mighty busy place as we head towards the end of our school year. An extensive excursion into the city, Perberkoong, Year 6 Production night, Graduation, Production, Beach Picnics, and a lot of learning! We feel lucky to get back to the things that make Minimbah such a special place.

City Excursion

With restrictions eased, we were quick to take the opportunity to go on an excursion and lucky enough to organise a tour of the city. We enjoyed the sites at Federation Square, visiting the Fearless Girl statue and heading to Hosier Lane. Finally, we were able to experience the incredible artwork of the Vincent Van Gogh project across the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Building’s LUME Gallery. We were inundated with comments from the tour operators and public about how well behaved our students were, and it was clear to see the kids were having an incredible time. Please enjoy this video of our experience.

Year 3 Beach Day

After a week of beautiful weather, we were unlucky to have a windy and rainy day on Beach Day. However, we made the most of the outing with some incredible sand sculptures, yummy pizza and topped off the day with our first session of Free Time for the year. Sincerest thank you to our parent volunteers who not only catered for the day but demonstrated incredible flexibility and kindness in harsh conditions.

Here are some pictures from our day.

When writing, the Year 4s are out enjoying the unexpected sunshine at the beach.

Unit of Inquiry

As we headed towards the end of our unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, we supported our students to reflect on their learning and the changes in their thinking. We have used a range of provocations throughout the unit to help extend our students’ thinking. We also use a variety of thinking routines to help deepen conceptual understandings. Here is a selection of the incredible thought from our group.

Thinking Routine: I used to think, now I think…

I used to think that art was for decoration, but now I think that art is a way to express the artist’s feelings and understand how the artist feels – Ciara

I used to think art was just drawing and painting, but now I know that art can be music and stuff – Alby

I used to think that art was just something that you follow, but now I think that art is free and you can do what you want – Olivia C

I used to think that art was boring, but now I think art is amazing – Tom

I used to think that art was paper, pencil, paint, and that stuff, now I think art is your mind, your hands and your imagination - Grace

I used to think art was just pencil on paper. But now I think that art is any way of expressing yourself – Harper

I used to think art had so many rules. Now I think there are no rules! - Alby

Thinking Routine: Claim, Support, Question

CLAIM: Some types of art need permission and are less free than others

SUPPORT: Face painting and street art both need permission from the person or the people that are affected.

QUESTION: Why do people do it? Is it just for entertainment, or is it for expression? - Jack

CLAIM: I think that art should not be a talent but an everyday thing.

SUPPORT: Every day, people do art without knowing.

QUESTION: Is this how artists become artists? – Amy

What did you like about this unit?

I loved this unit because there are no boundaries. – Brodie

I liked how we would take our time and think about how we could make our artwork better, and also it was fun! I enjoyed how we got to think about what we were going to make and make changes in the process of making the artwork. – James C

Watching my artwork grow in detail, skill and meaning. It was also really fun looking at other people’s art, and not knowing what the meaning was, and then they tell you, and you're like ‘Oooh!’. – Millie

Everyone was having a fun time. I enjoyed how we got create our artwork. It was so much fun painting and drawing. – Willow

I enjoyed making, thinking, and redesigning things. - Dallas

Y3 & Y4 Classroom Teachers