Y3 & 4 Update

I don't know about you, but we experienced the full range of emotions at our Mother's Day assembly, and we're not even mums!

Mother's Day Assembly

The tears and laughter started with some beautiful poetry about our mums, in which we saw students wield metaphors like butter knives, slicing through the warm butter of their mothers' melting hearts (okay, that was a simile, not a metaphor!). To finish, a beautiful rendition of Paul Kelly's 'From Little Things, Big Things Grow' brought down the house (can we talk about Mr. Kenner's harmonica solo!?). We couldn't have been more proud of how our students sang and presented with such confidence, poise, and enthusiasm and supported each other's efforts to step out of their comfort zone. 


Our numeracy program includes challenges and activities that incorporate multiple streams of mathematics. We will be making links between our unit of inquiry and numeracy tasks linked to our fundamental concept. 

Over the past few weeks, we have begun to inquire into how addition and subtraction are related to each other and how this relationship can help solve problems. 

A vital part of an inquiry approach to Mathematics is to engage students in explaining their thinking, enabling them to learn from each other and deepen their understanding. 

For example, how would you solve 3 + 25 + 27 + 5? 

By sharing their thinking and strategies, students help each other develop more efficient methods and deepen their number sense. 

We have also developed our understanding of;

  • place value; we have continued to reinforce and build integral place value skills related to addition and subtraction
  • algorithms for addition and subtraction and learning to apply a range of problem-solving skills when completing real-life problems
  • mathematical reasoning and the use of vocabulary to explain and justify solutions to problems
  • measurement; using standard and non-standard units of measurement

Literacy and Unit of Inquiry

Over the past few weeks, our students have been engaging in an extended personal inquiry into a significant person they believe belongs on a fictional two hundred dollar note. We first researched our other banknotes, important First Nations people, early European explorers, and some other Australians of note and notoriety to support this inquiry. 

Following this, students were encouraged to use their understanding of practical research to gather information from various sources and use it to create a strong argument for their person of choice. We have the most extraordinary collection of significant Australians vying for their place on our most valuable note, such as Stella' Miles' Franklin, Paul Kelly, Vincent Lingiari, Adam Goodes, Archie Roach, Leisel Jones, and many, many more. It has been a joy to see the student's understanding of the concept of significance deepen.

We look forward to the opportunity to present their thinking to Peta Murphy MP, Member for Dunkley, as she comes to Minimbah to celebrate the extraordinary work the 3/4 learning community has done to recognise significant Australians. 


Congratulations to the Year 3 students on completing the NAPLAN tests this week. We're very proud of all the students for their resilience, work ethic, and patience throughout the process. The tests don't measure grit and perseverance, but we do!

Excursion Reminder

May 18 - Crittenden Estate

Students in Year 3 & 4 will be attending the Crittenden Estate to learn about their incredible sustainability initiatives.

At 9:15 am, we will hop on the bus and be taken to Crittenden estate, at which we will be hosted by our Woodleigh parents, Rollo and Linda, as we learn about their composting processes. We will also learn about bees and beehives, soil health at the Vineyard, Solar Panels, and efficient energy use. We will tour the facility at the winery and learn about how wine is made and wastewater treated. Finally, we will visit the wine centre to see the end of the process. 

There will be no tastings on this occasion, but we will have a wonderful day out.

Students will have their snacks on the excursion and return to school for lunch as per usual. Please bring gumboots in a bag for navigating the property.

May 25 - Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Year 3 & 4 will be visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens Cranbourne. We were utterly overwhelmed by your offer to join us on this excursion. Thank you so much. If you missed out this time, please remind us next time we call out for volunteers. We will be leaving by bus at the start of the day and expect to return to school around 2:30 pm.

Year 3 & 4 Classroom Teachers