Years 3 & 4 Update

Unfortunately, the lockdown has been extended; however, the weather is starting to improve, and the smell of Spring is in the air, helping to lift spirits. We can tell that the children are very much missing one another’s company at school, and we find that often the kids just want to connect by chatting on Zoom. Those social connections are essential, as are good-quality shared activities that can be performed online and away from screens.

Recently, we have re-structured our approach to Explore Thursday activities so students can take part in the tasks with their teachers and each other in real-time via Zoom. Importantly, we have provided opportunities for students to share and view the work of their classmates. It has been lovely to hear the students enthusiastically share their learning and discoveries.

The Explore Thursdays activities provided for the students are designed to be hands-on and engaging. Twelve activities are offered to cater broadly for students’ interests. Although the task choices are optional, we expect the students to fit at least 3 of the activities into their Thursday, with the added expectation of uploading their work to Seesaw for teachers to view. Some students manage 5 or 6 activities in a day!

If you have any great ideas for our Explore Thursday activities, please let us know! Our latest Unit of Inquiry focuses on materials and their properties, so activities that link to the Unit would be especially welcome.

Years 3 & 4 Teachers