Y3 & 4 Update

Welcome to Term 4! We hope you all enjoyed a restful break. Here’s a snapshot of what our students are learning, exploring, inquiring about, and a peek at what is to come!


We warmly welcome Kate to Hannah’s Year 4 Group. Starting at a new school online is a unique way to begin! We look forward to meeting Kate and her family in person very soon.


This week we will be wrapping up our Inquiry focus How the World Works. It has been an engaging Unit of Inquiry, and students have developed their ideas about the properties of various materials and where materials come from and how they are used. At the end of Term 3, we had a virtual incursion with Mad About Science, where students explored and tested common materials from around the home. To finish the Unit of Inquiry, students have been tasked with creating a virtual ‘gallery’ on Minecraft. There, they must display at least five materials in real life and use signs and chalkboards to list the properties and uses of each material.

Our next Unit of Inquiry is How We Express Ourselves, and it ties in with our end-of-year CREATE program.

The Central idea is: The Arts can be used in different ways to express ideas and evoke a response.

The Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:

  • How the Arts can be used to express ideas
  • How the Arts can be used to evoke a response
  • Using our creativity to express ideas and evoke a response

This Unit is always an exciting and colourful opportunity for developing and demonstrating creativity in many ways, whether it’s art, drama, music, poetry, dance, photography, or any number of other forms of creative expression. It’s a unique way for us to finish off the year.


We have been fortunate to participate in a webinar presented by the State Library of Victoria, which has focused on digital literacy and research skills. It was a fabulous hour of learning, and we were impressed with the excellent focus and interaction displayed by all students in Years 3 & 4. In developing a critical eye for consuming information found online, students were invited to give websites the PARTY test:

P:urpose – What is the purpose of the website? Are they trying to sell me something?

A:uthor – Who is giving the information?

R:eferences – Do they tell you where the information comes from? Have sources been cited?

T:ime – How old is the website? Is the information new/current and up-to-date?

Y:ou – You’re smart! What do you think?

This acronym is valuable and easy to understand. When consuming information online, we should all use the PARTY test!


This term has seen us launch our new Maths Unit on Fractions. We have been exploring the following concepts and skills:

Year 3

  • Representing fractions as equal parts of a whole amount
  • Modelling and representing fractional parts
  • Creating wholes using fractional parts
  • Making, naming and comparing common fractions
  • personal hygiene tips,
  • solo brain breaks,
  • creative craft,
  • indoor exercises,
  • mood-boosting music,
  • mindfulness colouring,
  • gratitude reflections,
  • wellbeing quotes, and
  • student-friendly podcasts.”

Year 4

  • Fractions and decimal fractions are quantities that can be compared and ordered
  • Exploring equivalent fractions
  • Comparing and ordering fractions

Students have enjoyed representing fractions through folding paper, creating art pieces, using everyday materials and playing interactive games.

We will continue to explore these areas over the coming weeks, building on students’ prior knowledge. Term 4 will also see us revise many of the areas we have already covered, including multiplication, addition, subtraction and place value.


Woodleigh School partners with The Institute of Positive Education, which put together a Wellbeing Pack for students at all year levels. The downloadable resources have stemmed from our current lockdown situation and aim to boost student engagement and mental health.

“With many schools around the world endeavouring to educate their students remotely, we are seeking to find new ways to help schools place wellbeing at the heart of everything they do.

With this in mind, we have created a series of free Remote Learning Resources to help boost your students’ wellbeing. These activities draw on new and existing resources to give your students a wide variety of options, such as:

For access to free remote wellbeing resources select years 3 & 4.

Although we are online, we are still here! Please stay in touch, connect, and reach out if you need our assistance. We’d love to help and look forward to supporting the learning journey going forwards.

Year 3 & 4 Classroom Teachers