Y5 & 6 Homestead Update

Welcome to the final term of the year! We eagerly await our return to the classroom on the 28 October, even if it is only part-time for the first two weeks. In the meantime, the students have been busily engaging in the CLP through Zoom lessons and Seesaw tasks. We would like to thank all parents for their support of the CLP and all the work being done off-screen to get students ready for Zoom each day and assist them with their learning.

Year 5


Our primary subject focus for inquiry is ‘How We Organise Ourselves’, and we have been investigating the following lines of inquiry to guide us:

  • The role of supply and demand in the marketplace
  • Factors that contribute to the success of a business
  • Developing a business plan to produce goods or services

Last term, we had some members of the Woodleigh community who are also successful business owners share their expertise with our students. Thank you very much to Adam Dargan, Max Turbett, Anna McLeish and Mel Gleeson for speaking to the students about your businesses! The students are now well into the process of starting their own small business and have created a business plan, a product or service to sell, and advertisements and logos for their business. This week, the students will be sharing their product with the class, determining the profit margin for their product, and investigating big companies and the factors that contribute to their success. We wish all the young entrepreneurs in Year 5 the best of luck with their start-ups.


To integrate with our inquiry unit, we have been inquiring into finances, budgets, and money to give the students more competency in financial literacy. The students have engaged in Eddie Woo’s ‘Teenage Boss’ program and then investigated their line of inquiry, either creating a weekly shopping list and budget or attempting to calculate their family’s monthly budget. Students last week also took on the task of planning a class party and estimating the cost per person based on their budget. There were some very fun parties that I wish I could have attended, such as pool parties, video game parties and jumping castles! We have also been investigating the cost of family experiences, such as a trip to the zoo or the swimming pool, to learn about hidden costs, determine the value for money and calculate the different charges for different families. Our focus will soon shift towards revising the four major operations and investigating fractions and decimals to round out our learning for the year.


Students in Year 5 have been investigating imagery and figurative language through analysing high-quality poetry in various styles and then composing their poetry using the skills they have learnt. We had some excellent submissions, with different poetry styles, including free verse, rhyming and shape poetry. We have also used our inquiry unit to help us gain skills in reading comprehension, using articles from Herald Sun Kids News focussing on businesses or young entrepreneurs as our guided reading. Most recently, the children were tasked with reflecting on 2021 and capturing their experience this year in a paragraph for the Woodleigh Magazine. Some outstanding contributions summed up the mixture of highs and lows experiences this year and expressed their gratitude for being the only group in the school to have gone on two camps this year. Our focus will shift towards narrative writing for the remainder of the term, which will align with our upcoming inquiry unit, ‘How We Express Ourselves’.

I’d like to personally thank all of the Year 5 parents for their patience, understanding and support as I have taken on the responsibility of teaching both groups in Lorraine’s absence. It is most appreciated! We hope Lorraine can be back with us soon.

Year 5 Homestead Teachers

Year 6

Artistic Inquiry

Central Idea:

The Arts can be used in different ways to express ideas and evoke a response.

The year six students have been working on two artistic pursuits during inquiry—an Artist research project and a ‘hands-on’ artistic creation of their choice.

The students have researched various artists, including animators, actors, musicians, and painters.

The students have come up with open-ended questions to ask their interview subjects and compiled their findings into a 3-minute presentation, building on their research, writing, and presentation skills.

Blake Gordon selected a local Mornington Peninsula artist (and teacher at Penbank), Lisa Cox.

‘I have chosen Lisa Cox because I know her personally and we have a picture that she painted on our wall. I have been to her studio, where she does all of her art. I also chose Lisa because I would rather research a less known artist than someone who everyone knows heaps about.’

The second inquiry is a much more personal one, where each student can express themselves through their chosen medium. Again, we have seen a broad range of artistic mediums utilised including, paint, wood, clay, and metal.

Term 4 will see the students moving into our last unit of inquiry, “Sharing the Planet.” We shall be looking into questions such as “What is energy?” “Who gets it, how is it distributed, and at what cost?” “Is it equitable?”.


The year 6 group has been busy researching the Art world as per our Inquiry focus. We have read articles about Street Art, the world’s most extraordinary sculptures, music, dance, and painting. The Year 6 group have written poems, song lyrics and imaginative stories of escapism, including journeys to the future and adventures to tropical islands. Children have been recording themselves reading aloud and keeping up to date with their handwriting and spelling through weekly tasks and activities.

Story Starter: Ben Patterson

Charlie grabs the torch, lights it up and attempts to breathe in the flames. He breathes out the fire like a dragon. The crowd roars with excitement as the flames are dangerously close to them. “Brilliant Charlie!” His dad yells out. Charlie looks over to smile at his dad, but he forgets that the flames are still coming out of his mouth.

Reading: Tiana Harris

My book title is: The Wild Robot

The Author is: Peter Brown

Overview: When the robot Roz opens her eyes for the first time, she discovers she is alone on a remote, wild island.


This term, revision is on the Maths menu. We have worked with fractional parts of shapes, tessellations, and translations, making some beautiful patterns. We have covered fractions, decimals, and percentages and become very good at calculating percentages of money, amounts and units of time. We have investigated negative numbers concerning mountain temperatures. A prime number poem gave us a laugh and taught us more about composite numbers. We will also be looking into the world of entertainment, interpreting data, graphs and stem and leaf plots about radio ratings and top ten song charts. The children will be inquiring through a series of activities and project work, called “That’s Entertainment”, which helps us realise that Maths is everywhere, especially in the World of the Creative Arts.

Year 6 Homestead Teachers