Y5 Update

This Messenger is bought to you by some of our Year 5 students, who have written and compiled the news about what we have been doing over the last few weeks. We must say that we are extremely proud of this wonderful class of students. They have all been amazing!

Here are their reports-Enjoy!


In maths, we've been doing workshops for multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition. We get to choose which one we need to work on or like doing. We've also been doing Mathsonline for NAPLAN practice and our teachers have been setting tasks for us to do in class and at home. We've also been doing maths worksheets that include all types of maths. Lately, we have been doing perimeter and area. Cooper and Gabby

Interschool Sports

This is what we are doing in Inter-School Sports. 

We had to choose what sport we wanted to do.

  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • AFL
  • or you could do cross country and the sport you chose.

All sports teams played Frankston. Most of the Minimbah people chose AFL. 

For soccer, there were not enough players in Frankston's team, so our soccer players had to split up into three teams and take turns playing Frankston. Everyone did their best and it was really fun. It was the best. Look at us walking on the pitch or court feeling so excited and great. It is the best feeling. Maddie and Oscy


Hi, this is Lachlan and Sofia reporting about our writing journey.

The Year 5 students have been working on the most amazing narrative and persuasive pieces. We have been using interesting characters and describing them as well as our introduction problem and solution.

We have been describing the setting using our physical senses (hear, see and feel).

At the start of the term, we began persuasive writing. One of our favourite methods is called REEL. R for reason E for explaining another E for example and L for the link which means we link this back to the main idea.

All of our students have enjoyed this topic and made outstanding progress.

Here are some of the magnificent works from Year 5. Sofia and Lachlan

Primary Industries Incursion

On Friday the 30th of April, from 11:10 to 1:10 Year Five had an incursion. We went to room three in the Homestead. All the Year 5's were as loud as buffalo stampeding to room three and we skidded across the floor running after each other trying to get a good seat. There were two lovely women called Allie and Jane who taught us about sustainability, biodiversity, and interdependence. They taught us about salinity and how we can stop it. They also taught us about adaptations and how living things adapt to their habitats. They gave us homework to grow mung beans. They came back a week later and we did observations on how the mung beans have changed, and we made sustainable toys with wood and renewable materials. Lily and Ruben

Lunchtime fun

In the last two weeks, 4 square is back at lunch and recess! So many groups are playing in different places. Different groups with different rules and different talents. Everyone is laughing and having fun hahahaha. 4 square is the new tiggy at Minimbah. We are having fun eating lunch and playing 4 square. Everyone is connecting with different people and making new friends. Ruby F and Jampa

Unit of Inquiry

Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring and researching different biomes and the animals that have adapted to live there. We were split into groups of 4 and left to choose our project focus. We all had wonderings and questions that needed answers. Now I know you're wondering what we're some of the biomes, animals, and questions that we are looking into? Well, one group were, and still are researching Mesas. A Mesa is a Tabletop Biome that swoops down into a valley below. The animal that adapted there is the Jerboa. A Mousey kangaroo sort of animal that has developed to live in extreme heat that occurs. Another group is researching caves. Many animals live in caves and rocky places but that group is specifically looking into vampire bats. The biome that the caves are in is a rainforest. Now you understand a bit of what we are doing in Year 5, so stay tuned for a roller coaster more! Hope you enjoyed this part of our learning journey!

Gigi and Jo reporting from Minimbah live.

We are looking forward to next week, presenting group task movies, beginning our new Unit of Inquiry, 'How the World Works', and ACTIVITIES start!!

Very excited to be going to the Zoo on Monday 24th May. Woohoo!!

Y5 Classroom Teachers