Year 6 Update

MATHS - Decimals Fractions Percentages and Chance:

Using manipulatives and games is a great way to determine events and gather data. Fractions are parts of a whole and can be calculated as decimals and percentages.

In fractions, the denominator tells us how many parts there are all altogether.

The denominator will be the total number of balls AND

The numerator will be the number of balls there are of a specific colour.

Learning Intention:

We are learning about chance, fractions, decimals and percentage chance.

Success Criteria:

I can describe the chance of events using fractions.

We are all loving our latest Unit of Inquiry – ‘How We Express Ourselves’.

We read an article about Chalk Art that has been appearing in and around Melbourne. We found that the benefits had a very positive impact. When people saw the chalk art, it made them feel happy. “Chalk art keeps children entertained and sends a good message.” (Alannah)

An example of some excellent Chalk Art by Hugo.

Year 6 also had the opportunity to take a sneak peek into a Silversmith Studio. They investigated how a piece of jewellery (from around the house) might be made and what materials were used in its creation.

Slam Poetry

Some Year 6 students have been looking into poetry and its many different styles. We have started creating Slam Poetry pieces based on important issues such as climate change and lockdowns.

Slam Poetry is usually performed verbally. Students have practised reading and recording these pieces at home using rhythm and tempo to add emotion and emphasis.

Climate Change. Why aren’t we taking notice of Climate Change? We’re not taking action, which means we wonder what will happen to this strange phase that we can’t interchange. (Excerpt from Henry Brown’s SLAM Poem on climate change)

Events and Activities:

We continued with our homestead activities program on a Friday afternoon, and the Penbank campout was a big success. These are activities designed to get the students up and about for some off-screen fun!

Year 6 got together to celebrate Charlotte's birthday with a zoom.

Year 6 Teachers