Y9/10 textiles

During term one, the Y10 textile students began learning techniques of fabric dying, wax resist, and lino printing. These techniques were then used in the creation of the drawstring bags. Some drew tiny designs in wax, and when dried, they dipped their bags in the fabric dye, which stained around the wax – leaving the design once removed. Others used small blocks of lino, which they cut patterns into and then stamped on their bags multiple times to create a repeated pattern. Part of the process was to dye the bags.

Last term, the Y9 textile students started creating denim bags made from offcuts, such as pockets or the waistband, combining them to create a tote bag of their design. They used sewing machines and some hand stitching to sew it all together. Some students used other embellishments such as buttons or sewn designs to give it their personal touch.

We are particularly proud of Louis’s determination and experimenting with embroidery. Well done!

Art Assistant