Yakult Factory – Business Management Excursion

On May 10 the Year 12 Business Management class went to the Yakult factory in Dandenong, accompanied by Ms Kawashima and Michael, to give us an insight into our next area of study, Operations Management.

The tour of the factory involved us being able to witness the productions of Yakult firsthand, hearing about the product's history and health benefits, as well as, of course, tasting the milk itself. I thought that it was a great opportunity to see the production of such a well-known product in play and that it was fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes in the production of the drink. I was amazed by the display of complex technology and machinery that the company rely on to make its products and it was interesting to hear that Yakult makes an impressive number of 42,000 products per day.

The tour offered me a deeper understanding of the production processes and how important it is for strict and consistent procedures to be put in place. This valuable knowledge is something that I will be able to take back to school and apply to my work in class.