Year 1 Update

Time is undoubtedly flying! It won’t be long until the children are starting in Year 2. They are all working extremely hard and are producing some great work. There is still a lot of learning to do in the next few weeks.

Lisa Flaherty has returned to our classroom to continue her journey as a teacher in training. She will be with us until November 27. The children are enjoying having her as a teacher.

Here’s what we have been doing –



  • the children are loving listening to the Adventures of Tashi.
  • each day we have around 20 minutes of quiet independent reading
  • RWInc., MiniLit, and Literacy groups continue. The children focus on recognising ‘Red words’ (high-frequency words), story green words, and speedy green words. The children will be re-tested in the coming weeks.


  • the children have been writing using a variety of genres, including – retells, narratives, and poetry
  • handwriting has also been a big focus – letter formation, size, pencil grip, placement on lines
  • adding detail, punctuation, extending the length and improved vocabulary are all being encouraged.

Speaking and listening;

  • the children are being encouraged to clearly articulate their knowledge, experiences, and feelings to understand their messages.


  • multiplication – using arrays to develop and display an understanding
  • symmetry
  • fractions
  • counting – by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s, forward and backward, numbers before and after, starting at non-zero numbers
  • revision of addition and subtraction.


We have begun our new unit of inquiry with the central idea of exploring how light & sound work to enable people to use them as a form of expression. The unit is an inquiry.

  • How light & sound work
  • How people use light & sound as a form of expression
  • Using light & sound as a form of expression

Discovery Day

Wednesdays have been fantastic! The children are loving working with the Foundation and Year 2 children. We explore nature while also making connections with the PYP Learner Profile. Our sessions have explored being – Risk-takers, Communicators, Carers, Knowledgeable, Inquirers, Open Minded, Thinkers, Reflective, Principled, and Balanced.

Challenges so far have included:

  • making fires
  • exploring the Creek
  • learning to tie knots
  • using the tools to create
  • filtering water
  • making strong houses
  • designing, planning, and building furniture for rooms.

I am looking forward to spending the last few weeks of the year with your children. 

Year 1 Class Teacher