Year 1 Update

It was fantastic to see the children engaging in our online lessons, enjoying catching up on zoom, and making steady academic progress. I am so super proud of how they were able to adapt their learning and how they tackled each day with vigour and enthusiasm. I certainly enjoyed seeing their smiling faces every day and engaging with them differently. It has also been lovely to catch up with many parents via Zoom to discuss your child's progress – thank you for taking time out of your busy lives. I must say, though, there is nothing like being back at school!! The children have all enjoyed catching up with each other and sharing their learning collaboratively.

We have begun exploring our new central idea, 'People use Earth's resources with varying impact' this term. We are inquiring into;

  • Earth's resources (renewable/non-renewable)
  • The impact of people's use of resources
  • How we can contribute to the conservation of Earth's resources.
  • Addition and subtraction strategies – counting on, counting back
  • Problem-solving strategies – collecting data, tallying, working backwards
  • Number patterns – investigating and describing number patterns (skip counting and patterns with objects)
  • Reading – fluency, recognition of common words, using phonemic knowledge when faced with an unknown word
  • Writing – persuasive writing, letter formation, editing, using letter/sound knowledge when spelling
  • Speaking and listening – verbally sharing their understanding and listening to their peers whilst they share their ideas.

It has been wonderful to see the children thinking about Earth's resources, how we use them, and our needs and wants' impact. They have been encouraged to explore these ideas, engage in inquiries, and be creative and critical in their thinking.

In Numeracy, we are consolidating, developing and exploring the following concepts;

The children have enjoyed playing maths games which are helping to develop their understanding and fluency. Games include: First to 11 (or more significant numbers), and First to 0.

In Literacy, we are developing skills and our understandings in the following areas:

If you would like to further support your child with their Literacy at home, I would suggest -

  • asking your child to read the Speed Sound cards speedily each day
  • using 'Fred Talk' to help your child read and spell words they are interested in and make signs for things around your house.
  • finding authentic opportunities for your child to write, e.g. Make a shopping list, write a letter to post to a family member, create a survey, or write instructions for somebody else to follow.
  • eading stories to your child every day. They may be interested in chapter books that you read to them or prefer picture storybooks.

Last week on Discovery Day, we spent the day investigating trees. Trees are essential for our survival. After listening to 'The Giving Tree,' the children wrote beautiful letters to trees thanking them for providing shade, a place to climb, food, the oxygen we breathe and beauty. We then went into the courtyard and used charcoal to draw some of the beautiful trees found at Minimbah.

Thank you for your continued support of our program.