Year 10 French

This term, the Year 10 French students have studied the topic of fairytales in French. The students discussed the role that they continue to play and challenge at the same time in modern society and wrote essays in French to reflect this. After that, we studied Indigenous storytelling in contemporary Australian society and how Indigenous storytelling has been told for generations. Students are currently working on their oral presentation in French on various topics, including how Indigenous storytelling protects the environment for future generations.

Today, the students listened to a song by French-Belgian artist Angèle, titled ‘Tout Oublier’ (forget everything). Through studying the song, we discussed the contemporary role of happiness in modern society. Thereafter, students wrote their thoughts on the song on Padlet.

Bravo! Madame est très fière de votre travail et effort!

Well done! Madame is very proud of your work and efforts!

French & Business Management Teacher