Year 10 Work Experience

In Week 6 of this term, 61 Year 10 students were fortunate enough to secure a week of work experience with an employer of their choice. This was a difficult thing to do in these COVID times, and we congratulate all students who managed to do this. We also send a big thank you to the employers who were able to commit to this week.

The student experiences were very diverse this year. TV show production, dairy farming, construction and even general practice medicine were on our books, among many other vocations. The feedback given by work experience students indicates that they gained a great understanding of their chosen industries and have used the week to help guide their future work and study options. The feedback given by employers has shown our students to be attentive and willing to try new things, showing great employability skills.

For students who could not secure a work placement, all is not lost. We know that many of you tried so hard, but employers in some industries were hesitant due to COVID restrictions and business impact. If you are still interested, you will have the opportunity to do work experience at the end of Term 2 in the first week of the holidays. Investing a week of your holidays could be the best investment you have ever made and lead to an amazing career pathway.

VET Coordinator