Year 12 Final Day

Thursday 29 October, the Year 12 students celebrated the end of their scheduled classes in a series of "COVID friendly" outdoor events, including a Breakfast, Reflections Service, and Activity Carnival.

The students were treated to a spectacular morning, enjoying their final school day together as a cohort. It was fitting that the sun finally shone on this year's 12s, who have tolerated so much in their final year of secondary schooling.

The Reflections Service was a beautiful and poignant moment where the students had the chance to speak openly about just how difficult a challenge this year has been. And while these challenges were a recurring theme, it was telling that students said more of their sense of achievement and accomplishment in realising that, despite all the obstacles thrown at them, they had proven they were equal to the challenge and stronger for it.

As stated so clearly by Shanti Russell, "the resilience, determination, and persistence that we have had to develop this year will provide to create even more drive to fulfil whatever aspirations we have lying ahead."

Beyond the trials of 2020, the Reflections service was a wonderful celebration of the students' time and experiences at Woodleigh, with fond memories shared of Camps and Expeditions such as Hattah and Outward Bound, of favourite classes and influential teachers. With examples of beautiful student writing, outstanding musical performances, and much hope and determination to create a better world, the service was a memorable tribute to the graduating class.

The service was followed by a well-deserved opportunity for students to let their hair down and celebrate, with a "COVID friendly" activity carnival. The Carnival revisited many of the student's favourite Homestead athletics events of years past, with a few extras thrown in for a bit of a laugh. The Tug 'O' War was the most fiercely fought competition, the "Egg Toss" controversial with a couple of pre-prepared eggs casting suspicion on the outcome. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the "Water Balloon Gauntlet," where scores were settled, and the stress and worries of the year past were quickly forgotten.

Full credit to the Class of 2020 for the tolerance, understanding, and grace they have shown this year, qualities that were again on display on Thursday. Praise also to the families that have supported them through this while also dealing with a problematic year themselves.

Well done to the Class of 2020, and all the best for your upcoming examinations.

Director of Senior Homestead