Year 2 Update

It’s been inspiring to see the Year 2 students settle into our second round of remote learning. They are showing a high level of comfort and capability using technology to engage with their education. The skill with which they manage Zoom meetings and respect each other by taking turns and contributing is a joy to behold. Speaking to non-teacher friends, they remark that it must be mayhem with 21 Year 2s in a Zoom meeting. The fact that we can have productive, lively discussions online is a testament to their growth in such a short time.

I have been blown away by the work they have been doing at home. In our Unit of Inquiry, it has been wonderful to see children closely looking at the choices they make and how these choices can impact the world around us. Looking at options from lots of different angles has enabled some children to start to see sustainability from a wider lens. We have looked at multiplication in many different forms, and children have shared their unique strategies for solving multiplication problems. The letters I have received attempting to persuade me to change my mind about various bugbears have been outstanding and hilarious, and display the wonderfully unique voices our children write with. And in a fascinating development, some children are finding time to explore their hobbies, like comic creation, and share their magnificent work with me.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be continuing our Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet. We will shift our focus slightly towards the ways community groups can work together to make a positive impact on sustainable practices.

 In Maths, we will look at the relationship between division and multiplication, and begin to learn about 2D shapes.

In English, we will continue to delve into persuasive texts of all sorts and look carefully at the different ways we can persuade others. Read Write Inc groups will continue their work, developing knowledge about the sounds of our language and building fluency and comprehension. The other literacy group will continue exploring elements of our language, such as spelling rules and grammatical features.

Year 2 Classroom Teacher