Year 2 Update

As we head towards the end of yet another strange term in 2020, it is a great time to pause and reflect on the achievements and successes of the Year 2 students during this immensely challenging time and on the new opportunities that have presented themselves.

It is such a joy to connect with the children each day and see them laughing and sharing. In a time of disconnectedness, finding new ways to share experiences, laugh, and build and maintain friendships has become an important priority, reflected in the shift towards activities that help students connect and reconnect with peers. 

Listening to, and reading the feedback they are giving each other on their work through the digital tool, Padlet demonstrates how they have internalised the Woodleigh value of Respect for Others. 

During their time creating short films for our upcoming ‘Small Action: Big Impact’ film festival, they have again shown the other two Woodleigh values – Respect for Self, through the high quality and creative work they are presenting, and Respect for the Environment as they present persuasive arguments for making small changes to our behaviour for the benefit of the world around us.

While this time has proven undoubtedly challenging, frustrating, and confusing, we have found new ways to do things, become increasingly confident using digital tools, and seen children strengthen independent learning habits. The inherent creativity and problem-solving skills needed to work in this strange way are all incredible positives that we can take from this experience.

In the coming few weeks, we will be engaging with our new Unit of Inquiry: How We Organise Ourselves. 

The central idea for this unit is that organising events requires people to develop systems and processes. As you would know, we have already begun engaging in discussions around how we may schedule an event of our very own – Small Action: Big Impact Film Festival. We will be focusing on the IB Learner Attributes – Caring, Open-Minded, and Communicators – dispositions that will support our students to become lifelong learners with a global mindset. Stayed tuned! 

In Maths, we will be learning about money and counting collections of coins and exploring the collection and representation of data.

In English, we will continue to learn about the importance of considering the audience when creating a text and using our knowledge of various text types to undertake functional writing to organise our festival. 

Thank you again for the fantastic support you are providing for the children as they learn from home. 

Year 2 Classroom Teacher