Year 2 Update

It now feels like a long time ago that we met daily on Zoom, as the children have well and truly settled back into school life. There has been lots of fun within the classroom and out in the beautiful Minimbah environment, which seems to get more lovely each day. We have even shared the joy of observing a family of tawny frogmouths who has taken up residence near the ECC and had a visit from a beautiful koala just next to the Homestead.

With the significant changes each child has experienced this year, we have placed the practice of gratitude and mindfulness at the forefront of our daily routines, ensuring that we are practising the habits of healthy minds. A daily gratitude circle, where children share something they are grateful for, and guided mindfulness sessions have proven to be rewarding and essential for our sense of unity as a class and popular with the students who regularly ask to engage in both. It has been a joy to hear the children reflecting on the small moments and things they are grateful for.

In our inquiry unit, we've been exploring the central idea, 'Materials can be used and combined in different ways for creative expression.'

First, we've explored materials as diverse as wire, wood, artists charcoal, and found natural materials. Our line of inquiry, 'The observable properties of objects influence the way they are used,' has seen us reflecting on our strengths as inquirers and risk-takers. Two of the IB Learner Attributes, as children, have deepened their understanding of the learning process and their role and responsibilities as active learners. We have explored the IB Key Concept of Function, asking the question, 'How does this work?'.

During learning across English, we've continued the excellent work begun during home learning, engaging in Reader's Theatre plays and deepening our understanding of characters, complex narrative plots, and how to use an expression to portray characters' feelings and personality. During this time, others have continued to work on core literacy skills during their Read Write Inc. sessions.

As a class, we have been inquiring into how stories work and learning about the structure of narratives. In particular, we've been using quality picture books as mentor texts to notice connections between narratives, how stories tend to follow a similar structure, and how the problems in stories are followed by action, leading us to a resolution.

As we head towards the end of the school year, we will be focusing on the following areas:

Unit of Inquiry – How we can use and combine materials to express ourselves creatively.

English: How we can develop strong characters and settings through the creative use of language.

Maths: How we can read and interpret analogue and digital clocks and use the language of time to discuss events.

Year 2 Classroom Teacher