Year 2 Update

After an eventful start to this semester, how wonderful it was to come back to being on-site. I want to congratulate the children and your support for the hard work during the learning online. We are so grateful to be together again in the classroom and have made the most of it! I also want to welcome back Artie to our Year 2 class officially; there was a lot of excitement in the lead up to his return, and the children have embraced his return with open arms.

One of the highlights has been the continuation of our Potato Olympics. The children were so excited to bring their 'athletes' that they had created at home and watch them compete in the various competitions as they recorded the results. The stakes were high for our last event, which was also the highlight, the Potato shotput. Many potatoes needed some masking tape bandages after the event.

Discovery Day is running a little bit differently this semester as we cannot take parent helpers with us due to restrictions. We are currently visiting sites and exploring as a 1/2 cohort, and with the current weather, the children must dress warmly and bring their wet weather gear.

However, when we can invite helpers back to locations, we would love to see you there. So please sign up to our online roster for any week you can come.

Thank you to everyone who has met with me during our parent/teacher interviews. It has been great to discuss the students' progress and their goals for the rest of 2021.

What have we been up to


This term, they have been looking at 'How We Organise Ourselves, where they have been unpacking the idea that organising events requires people to develop systems & processes. They have been focussing on the Lines of inquiry:

  • Why do people organise events
  • Systems and processes required for organising events
  • How we can put systems & processes into place to organise events in our community

This has included looking at various events and their purposes and the type of planning and organisation that has gone into them. The students were lucky to have Rina, a parent of one of our years 4s, come and talk to us about the planning for organising the Disco for this year. An event that the kids are very excited to attend now that it has been rescheduled.

This will be put into practice in the coming weeks as we plan our lunchtime events.



In Term 3, the students focus on developing their comprehension skills, explicitly identifying literal and inferred information within what they have read. This can include;

  • Understanding what is not directly stated in the text
  • Making predictions
  • Vocabulary and deciphering the meaning from context
  • Reading the text aloud for fluency and expression.
  • Using knowledge of sound-letter relationships to decode unknown words
  • Using punctuation to aid in fluency when reading aloud

They continue to identify and develop positive and effective reading habits and increase reading for sustained periods.


They are continuing to spend the majority of our writing time breaking down sentences exploring

  • Using nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs,
  • Using their knowledge of the Read, Write Inc codes to make attempts to spell unknown words.
  • The introduction of more complex punctuation (!"')
  • Expanding their vocabulary choice to include some 'wow' words
  • Editing for spelling, punctuation and vocabulary
  • Correctly forming lower case letters, upper case letters and numerals in handwriting

This term starts with a critical focus on planning and writing transactional texts such as invitations and posters. Building on their understanding of an informative text, but explores the purpose of informative texts beyond reports.


In Numeracy this term, they have been building on their knowledge of addition and various strategies to develop their number sense and more formal operations. Students are exploring techniques such as:

  • Using repeated addition,
  • Using concrete materials to make equal groups,
  • Creating arrays,
  • Understanding commutative properties such as 3x5 is the same as 5x3.

The students will further develop their skip counting by 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. In addition, they will complete open-ended investigations throughout the term, allowing them to consolidate their understanding of the concepts covered in various authentic contexts.

They will continue their Problem Solving Monday sessions where they have worked in their groups looking at problem-solving that is matched to their current learning needs. They have also experienced some incidental maths that has coincided with our Inquiry unit.