Year 3-4 Update

Back and forth, back and forth we go!

Once again, our magnificent Year 3|4 learning community proved resilient through lockdown, managing the transition from school to home and back to school with ease. It seems second nature to many of our students now, logging onto Zoom and checking in with classmates mere hours after a lockdown is announced. We feel blessed to meet with our classes online and for the willingness with which our students contribute to class discussions online. We understand that these regular disruptions provide unique challenges to all families, and thank you for the support you provide to our students through these times.


Our current unit is focused on multiplication and division and the patterns that help deepen our understanding of these operations. Students have engaged in a range of learning experiences to deepen conceptual understanding and build procedural fluency. It has been a joy to see students using their strong knowledge of place value to extend their thinking in this area. Some examples include:

Hayden – To do four times eighteen, you just do four-tens and then four-eights.

Ethan B – Four-thirties is one-hundred and twenty because it’s just like four-threes is twelve.


Book Club!

It has been so exciting to launch our class book clubs, in which students share a novel they have chosen to read with a group of their learning community peers and meet weekly to discuss what they have read. The learning opportunities embedded within this approach are broad. Students are learning to compromise and manage group dynamics, manage time and resources, share ideas and opinions, listen and respond to the views of others, all while exploring the way authors create engaging and exciting texts. Further, our students are engaged in regular writing about these texts, explore new vocabulary and spelling patterns, and expanding their repertoire of comprehension strategies.

Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

Central idea: Understanding wellbeing enables people to promote it within their community to bring about positive change.

We are now a few weeks into our current unit of inquiry. Interestingly, as we began our inquiry into wellbeing, we went into yet another lockdown, providing the perfect opportunity to explore what wellbeing means in such difficult times. We have explored mindfulness techniques and the importance of physical activity and looked at positive self-talk.

To deepen our understanding of wellbeing, students have explored different ways to think about wellbeing, utilising the PERMA (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement) framework developed by Martin Seligman. The PERMA model is an approach used across Woodleigh to talk about and support student wellbeing.

Spotlight - Explore

We have dodged lockdowns and managed to go on our excursion to Peninsula Honey, and it was worth the wait! The students had a wonderful time learning fascinating facts about bees, and I hope they shared their new insights with you, along with some samplings of honey! The students are combining their newfound knowledge with their research and now creating an information campaign to spread awareness as part of our Explore component of the Kitchen-Garden programme.