Year 3 Update

It has been a wonderful experience welcoming the Year 3 students into their new year of learning at Minimbah. Thank you for joining us to celebrate their learning at Assembly last week. The students should be proud of the way they presented themselves and their learning program to the rest of the school community.

The Connect Program is an initiative to develop personal and social skills, specifically targeted to address the needs of all Year 3 students. Operated by our school Art Therapist, Aviv, students will complete small group activities and discussions each week. As it is an intensive program half of the students will take part in Term 1 and the second group will participate throughout Term 2.


This term, our Year 3 Literacy program is focused on enhancing students’ existing literacy skills through targeted learning experiences. Our lessons are based on students’ individual learning goals and specific learning needs.

During Literacy sessions this term, students will:

  • explore and analyse the structures and language features used in a range of texts, including narrative and persuasive texts
  • use comprehension strategies to analyse information from a variety of sources
  • create, plan, draft and publish texts for a particular purpose and audience
  • understand how to apply knowledge of letter-sound relationships, and blending and segmenting to read and use more sophisticated words with less common consonant and vowel clusters
  • develop editing skills to identify and correct simple spelling and punctuation errors
  • develop their posture, position of paper and pencil grip to improve their handwriting shape and form
  • develop presentation skills and learn to contribute actively and respectively in class and group discussions.


Our Year 3 Numeracy program aims to provide an accessible and targeted range of learning experiences that spurs each student to their next point of understanding. Built upon prior knowledge, students are empowered to recognise their area of focus and given the direction and resources to achieve. Numeracy is naturally embedded within the transdisciplinary themes for each term, and rich discussions regularly occur as students draw connections between explicit mathematical instruction and their learning across other subjects. Mathematical processes and the methods used to derive a solution are scrutinised to ensure that students are using efficient and appropriate approaches. A key element is the articulation of the various techniques used by each individual and the proper use of mathematical language. In Term One, students are involved in an intensive investigation into Number as they learn to build and manipulate numbers across place value. Problem-solving and the practical application of new skills are fundamental aspects of the Numeracy program in Year 3. Students are challenged with a range of tasks that provoke them to utilise their new learning and prove their understanding of mathematical concepts.   Inquiry In alignment with our transition to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) approach to learning, inquiry learning in Year 3 is based upon one of the Six IB Transdisciplinary Themes, titled ‘How We Organise Ourselves’. Students are exploring the concept of community and how communities are structured and organised using a variety of systems.

We are investigating:

  • How communities use systems
  • How decision making occurs within communities
  • Why communities need systems to operate efficiently.

As part of our PYP approach, our over-arching transdisciplinary theme of “How We Organise Ourselves” will be linked with other learning areas, from Literacy to Mathematics, as well as Humanities. Meaningful connections and purposeful action will form part of our unit of inquiry to show students how a central idea can be explored across learning areas and disciplines. We look forward to the sharing of interesting and innovative ideas as well as exploring our theme in creative and exciting ways to help promote effective learning and engagement.

Year 3 Classroom Teacher