Year 3 to 4 Group news

It’s lovely to be writing to you all from back on school grounds! We are most grateful to be teaching from Penbank again and are enjoying being connected in-person with our students!

Our initial weeks at school have been spent with academic learning, re-establishing classroom routines, and developing students’ social skills. The children were bursting with excitement to be back at school but are often fatigued by the late afternoon. We have been building the students’ learning stamina by mixing up the day with fun and engaging tasks and activities, plenty of movement and games, and quiet activities to cool down and refocus after recess and lunch.


CREATE has been with us for the past two weeks, and the children have done an excellent job learning, rehearsing, and filming their various parts. The children are part of Deep Dark Forest scenes where they play multiple creatures who live in the woods. The Learning Lounge has transformed into a temporary film studio, including lights, cameras, and green screens! The children have enjoyed delving into their characters on and off the stage and are giving one-another lots of support where needed.

We look forward to viewing the screening at the drive-in on Monday 7 December.


Year 4 have been focusing on the areas of:

  • Writing engaging creative stories using the narrative writing structure
  • Sharing a love of reading as part of a Book Club. Discussing questions about the themes, structure, and plot with our group
  • Using our spelling words from our weekly spelling dictations to focus on spelling rules, phonograms, and grammar
  • Constructing simple and compound sentences using connective words such as: and, so, but, because
  • Creating Character Profiles of our CREATE characters, including what they look like, think, feel, and how they act


Year 4 have been inquiring into:

  • fractions and decimals represent quantities that are parts of a whole 
  • modelling and representing fractions and decimal numbers
  • creating whole using fractions and decimals parts
  • relationships between multiplication and division
  • using the relationships between multiplication and division to assist with solving problems
  • describing the effectiveness of number strategies

Year 3 have focused on: 

  • addition
  • fraction concepts
  • modelling and representing common fractions
  • Interpreting and comparing data displays
  • Data collection and representation - frequency tables, column graphs and pie charts with and without the use of technology
  • Mapping of the school/playground using symbols to identify landmarks, buildings and environmental features


Week 6 has seen us celebrate all that is NAIDOC Week, a celebration for Australians to recognise and celebrate our First Nations peoples.

We have immersed ourselves in the concept of First Nations people as musicians, storytellers, artists, dancers, keepers of traditions, and ceremonies. All excellent learning opportunities.

The children have enjoyed celebrating and recognising the world’s oldest continuous living culture.

Online Safety 

As our use of technology increases, so does our education around online safety. We have been exploring aspects of staying safe online, including secure websites, gaming safety, keeping your personal information safe, who to go to for help and dealing with online bullying. Our education has been delivered in different formats to deepen children's understanding of these issues: stories, online platforms, dram' 'what would you d'?' scenarios, and group discussions. If you would like some further information on online safety, check the links below.

Hats, drink bottles, and summer uniforms

As the weather warms, students need to bring a drink bottle to school each day. Students who maintain hydration levels are more focused and learn better. As well, summer school uniform allows students to be as comfortable as possible. We kindly request that parents focus on school socks and shoes, too, as part of the school uniform.

Since returning to face-to-face teaching, the hum of student engagement and active learning within the classroom and on the school grounds has been invigorating. We hope your children are returning home from school each day excited about the activities and learning experiences in which they take part. It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the school year for 2020.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, then please reach out.

Y3 & 4 Classroom Teachers