Year 3 Update

It has been so lovely to see the students achieve so many successes throughout the CLP and make the most of their remote learning opportunities. A highlight has been the range and creativity of the responses to the SeeSaw tasks. Thank you for the ongoing support you give each day at home to help your child foster their learning love.

Innovation Projects

The innovation project presentations have been a joy to watch. The Unit of Inquiry into Technology and Innovation has been an incredible ride as we've learned about ancient technology, imagined the future of technology, and everything in-between. The creativity and imagination of the students never fail to amaze and inspire.

Our new theme, How the World Works, will allow the students to analyse the human body and its network of interconnected systems and its requirements and processes. A short unit, I will encourage students to take ownership of their learning in how they choose to respond to the inquiry. I am looking forward to seeing how they use their interest and curiosity to shape their understanding. 

We'll be examining this topic through an inquiry:

  • What the human body needs to function
  • How systems in the human body work
  • How we can support our body systems to function effectively

Alex Brennan

It has been so lovely to have Alex back teaching and learning with Team 3K, albeit in a completely different environment from when she finished her last placement pre-lockdown. The students have adored seeing Alex again, and the coming week will be her last week with us before she will venture into a classroom of her own. I am sure you will join me in wishing Alex the very best for her promising career in education.

Theme Day

We have so many dog-lovers in the class that it was time we celebrated our four-legged friends in another of our Year 3 theme days. The students were fully involved in dog-themed activities, dog zooms, the Dog Trick show, etc. I think it inspired a few innovation projects, too, because the students have designed a dozen new pieces of technology that dog owners would love to get their hands on!

Finally, when children are on campus, we routinely see how fatigued students become as we approach the term. I believe that this will be mirrored if not even more noticeable, in this intense ten-week term in lockdown. Please join me in prioritising the students' wellbeing and physical/mental health over the coming weeks. Let me know if there is any way I can further support your child, and please feel free to follow your instincts if you can see they need a break or extension on any tasks.

Year 3 Classroom Teacher