Year 3 Update

It is humbling to see the students enjoying the little things. The interactions as they retrieve their drink bottle from their bags or the lively discussions as they transition from one class to another. I'm pleased to say Year 3K has settled into the school day's routine on campus, and we're full steam ahead as we head full pace towards the end of the term.

As part of our inquiry into 'Creativity,' we have seen beatbox performances, lifelike portraits made out of unwanted clothing, jaw-dropping stop-motion animations, circus acts, and so much more. We continue to examine how people use creativity to convey meaning and connect with others. 

The students have also begun to utilise their creative skills to send a very positive message. The students are now seeking to create art that will help the charity 'Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs'

The wonderful initiative encourages our school community to help keep plastics out of the environment by collecting bread tags! The melted bread tags turned into useful items and artwork, then sold to raise money. Could it get any better? Yes! The money raised is used to purchase wheelchairs for the neediest in society.

In support of this wonderful organisation, the students are designing creative pieces to advertise the cause and promote to the rest of the school over the coming weeks.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • how people use creativity to express meaning
  • how people connect with others through creative expression
  • using our imagination to express sense & connect with others.

Our Year 3 artists have been folding origami, making play-dough stop motions, and drawing some incredible butterflies. Stay tuned to see some of their fantastic work in the coming weeks. I also hope you enjoy these few photos from our' Dress like an Artists day'!

Thank you for your support of the production for 2020, The Lion King! The students enjoyed their involvement in the filming. They looked the part and applauded them all for their excellent behaviour.

I look forward to seeing you at Dromana 3 Drive-in on November 17. Here are a few happy snaps as part of our cameo performance.

Year 3 Classroom Teacher