Year 3 Update

In our sprint to the finish line, we enjoyed some wonderful memory-making moments.

As part of our inquiry into 'Creativity,' the students utilised their skills to send a positive message. To support 'Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs' they made a range of advertisements and actively campaigned to collect bread tags. Thanks to our school community's support, it has been a phenomenal success, and a large haul of bread tags will be sent to create products rather than landfill. Congratulations, Year 3s!

To cap off our Kitchen Garden & Explore programmes for this year, we enjoyed a wonderful excursion to Overport Park and Sweetwater Creek. It was lovely to be out as a group, and all experienced a fantastic time. 

We had one last visit to the creek for the year and a final chance to brave the Year 3 jump. We also enjoyed a Teddy Bear picnic and shared stories in the beautiful surroundings.

Thank you to the PFG for organising a special treat for the students to enjoy in their final week in the form of donuts! They were much appreciated.

Our Christmas Celebrations were a spectacular highlight of our final week. The KK gift exchange was a warm and touching moment to cap off a challenging year. The students loved the opportunity to give to each other and collected an extraordinary number of gifts for the MSFIN. Thank you for your support!

Thank you for this joyous year. I have enjoyed the journey with this cohort every step of the way, and it has been an absolute pleasure to teach the one and only incredible Year 3K. 

Year 3 Classroom Teacher