Year 4 Update

We have had a successful start to the year for 2020; I can’t believe we are in Week 6 of Term 1 already! The students have settled in well to our routines and have been very active in our learning so far. They also had a great time preparing for our assembly, and displaying their understandings of 'health and wellbeing'. I was so impressed with their confidence and sense of fun.

Thank you to everyone who came to the information night and parent-teacher interviews, I enjoyed being able to meet you all, and I am looking forward to a great 2020!!

Also, a reminder that hats are needed all first term, and it's very important these are named. Sunscreen should be applied before school, and we will encourage children to re-apply at lunchtime. 


This term, students have been exploring the transdisciplinary theme of 'Who We Are' with a specific focus on the concept of wellbeing and choices they can make to positively influence their own, as well as others' wellbeing. The students have explored the key areas of physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and environmental wellbeing. They have investigated how these areas interact and overlap and how if one is impacted, it can affect the other areas too.

Key Concepts 

  • Causation
  • Connection
  • Function

Lines of Inquiry

  • Factors that contribute to personal wellbeing
  • Connections between our own and others’ wellbeing
  • Choices that can influence wellbeing.


This term, the students have been focusing on revising and improving their knowledge of place value, with an emphasis on;

  • reading large numbers correctly
  • renaming and regrouping using place value
  • rounding any number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000
  • recognising place value of each digit in a four-digit number.

They have also been working on their problem solving and thinking skills to solve worded problems using strategies such as looking for the essential words in the question.

On Tuesday mornings, they have Mixed Maths hour, where they have worked in groups looking at problem-solving that is matched to their current learning needs. They have also experienced some incidental maths that has coincided with our Inquiry unit. 

Students have been given their user names and passwords for several learning sites and apps for maths that they can do at home. They use these apps occasionally in class, usually as a reward for finishing work. But students are welcome to make use of them at home, as long as it supports your at-home technology rules. 


In literacy, students have been working on a series of tasks based around comprehension, writing, grammar and word work through a range of text types. They have been working on their time management and independence to work towards finishing a task. As the term progresses, tasks become more focused on specific learning needs and areas of focus. 


The main area of focus for writing so far has been on writing Information Reports. They have analysed the text features such as facts over opinion, word choice and the precise structure of the text type. The students have worked hard to work through the planning process over several sessions and have been excited to finalise their work to share with others. 

Minimbah Kitchen Garden Explore

MKGE has started for this year, and students have been so excited to jump right into the programs. Due to the shorter term, students are working in one area for two weeks before swapping to the next. But from next term, it will be in 3-week blocks.  

  • In Kitchen, they have been looking at safety and systems in the kitchen classroom, as well as healthy food choices.
  • In Garden, they have been getting our new garden boxes ready and planted.
  • In Explore, they have been looking at our composting system and investigating ways to improve our wastage at Minimbah.