Year 4 Update

I can't believe we are already up to Week 9 of Term 3! I know how hard all of the students have been working, and I am deeply grateful for the resilience they show while engaging in all of our learning. Although we miss being together in our physical classroom, I look forward to our regular sessions together, seeing their smiles and laughter each morning as they share their news and ideas each day!

We have been lucky enough to have had our Student-teacher, Lilli Cooper, join us over the last two weeks as she finishes her placement with the class. I know that the students have enjoyed having her with us and loved the fun and engaging lessons she has shared with them.

This week is Book Week, which is always an exciting week at Minimbah, and this year we have plenty of activities and events to celebrate while online. Thursday is our dress-up day and special assembly, where we all get to become a favourite character from a favourite book. 

What have we been up to in Year 4?

The children have wrapped up their Inquiry unit on 'Where we are in Place and Time,' and I loved being able to see what all the students discovered about what makes a person or event significant and why. There was lots of exploration around why we remember those events, and people specifically, and looking at how there might be more than one perspective when we reflect on our history.

During their literacy tasks, I have enjoyed seeing some excellent creative writing as we looked through different poetic devices and how they can be used in poetry to engage and entice their readers. It was great to see the students build on their understanding and apply what they learned with each new piece of writing. During reading sessions, they have been looking at the author's implied meaning and word choice to convey their message. They have also been looking at their summarising and predicting skills to make sense of what they have read. Something they will continue as the term goes on.

Mathematically, students have been exploring their understanding of multiplication and discovering strategies to multiply a range of numbers. They have shown a preference for the strategies that work best for them and apply them to problem-solving.

Where to next?


The students have started the Inquiry unit 'How the World Works, ' which has the students looking at the central idea that 'Investigating the properties of materials enables people to solve problems, create and innovate.' The students will have hands-on experience with different materials. By doing so, they can establish what properties the materials have and how they may change or be changed. Underlying some of the experiments will be concepts such as reversible (physical) and irreversible (chemical) changes. As well as investigating the idea that material is chosen for a purpose depending on its properties. Students will be learning scientific behaviours such as observing, recording and developing hypotheses during the Inquiry. They will view and conduct experiments.

Lines of Inquiry - 

An inquiry into:

  • the connection between properties of a material and their use
  • how materials can be changed
  • how we can manipulate materials to solve problems, create & innovate.

Key Concepts to be covered -

  • Function
  • Connection
  • Change



In line with our new Inquiry unit, the students will be focussing on the procedural writing style. They will be looking at the elements needed to create a text that provides sequenced information or directions so that people can successfully perform activities in safe, efficient, and appropriate ways. Including;

  • Goals
  • Materials
  • Steps 
  • Conclusion.


As they head towards the end of our term, the students are explicitly focusing on shape and geometry. They have been looking at 2D shapes and their properties, including vertices, angles, and symmetry. They will now be concentrating more on 3D shapes, including faces, edges, vertices, and nets.

Year 4 Classroom Teacher