Year 4 Update

Well, we did it! We made it to the end of the school year for 2020. It was a year like never before, with some ups and downs as the year went along, but I am grateful for such a great last term to ensure we finish this year on a high.

We have been fortunate to have some familiar experiences return over the last few weeks with the Athletics Day, joined 3/4 activities, and warm enough to jump back in the pool!

They loved the chance we had to go on an Explore Day outside of the school walls, and our visit to Overport Park was met with great enthusiasm. We had such a wonderful day exploring, creating obstacle courses, and of course, getting to play a few games while we were there.

We have also had great success with raising awareness in the rest of the school with the 'Bread tags for Wheelchairs.' The posters and collection containers, which the Year 4s designed, were proudly displayed around the school, and we quickly filled our collection jar to the top!!

I want to thank every member of our class for the laughter, memories, and learning we have shared this year. I also want to thank you and our families for all the positivity and support you have given your kids and for working with me to make this year as incredible as possible.  I have loved every minute of being your children's teacher this year and getting to know them and what makes each of them unique (including the rare opportunity to meet all their pets and learn their favourite pyjamas to wear to Zoom). I will miss our 'crew' this year, but I know they will continue to grow and keep shining as they move to Year 5 next year.

Merry Christmas, and wishing you a lovely and (well deserved) relaxing Summer break!!

Year 4 Classroom Teacher