Year 5-6 Update

Wominjeka, on'nichiwaa! A big welcome back to all of our Homestead families. We are looking forward to getting to know you, your children, and each other as a Homestead community. A special welcome to all of the new families who have joined us in 2021. After a week of preparations, it was lovely to have the sounds of laughter, and excited voices fill the Homestead once again. We have a busy term ahead!


Year 6: 

The Transdisciplinary Inquiry theme; 'Who We Are' will encompass the critical concepts of belonging to a community and our rights and responsibilities within it. Our learners will be encouraged to be open-minded, reflective, and caring as we build our learning community across the Homestead in 2021.

Year 5: 

We will be inquiring into the changes we go through physically, socially, emotionally, and environmentally. Changes influence our sense of self and our relationships with others. We will be inquiring into how people develop strategies to manage and support change and looking into the fundamental concepts of form, function, and connection as we start the school year.


English sessions will include explicit instruction to teach skills and integration into our inquiry sessions focusing on 'Who We Are.'

Spelling and grammar sessions will run weekly, focusing on phonograms, exploration of spelling rules, word etymology, prefixes, suffixes, and word families. Learning word origin and morphology leads to a greater understanding of our language. Handwriting form and fluency will also be a focus in both spelling and writing sessions this semester. Text structures (narrative and persuasive) will be explicitly taught, and students will then have the opportunity to put these into practice through our inquiry related writing sessions.

Oral language is a crucial component of our English sessions, where the students will develop their listening and speaking skills. Opportunities for this will be provided during class discussions, reader's theatre, presentations, class meetings, and daily interactions with staff and peers.

In addition to weekly library sessions, reading occurs daily. We include various opportunities to share and discuss class novels, run shared and guided reading sessions, and provide independent reading time—many of our reading tasks are related to our inquiry lines. The students will use the learning approaches (skills designed to enable students to "learn how to learn") to become independent learners and thinkers. e.g., critical thinking skills to discuss reading in books as well as online.


To begin the year in Mathematics, the Homestead will inquire into the Central Idea – The base ten place value system extends infinitely in both directions and follows a multiplicative pattern. 

We will be investigating our place value system, looking at the relationships between fractions, decimals, and percentages, and inquiring into other number systems around the world to build a more robust conceptual understanding of our number system. There will also be a strong focus on procedural fluency through various games to improve the student's mental computation skills. The students must have a range of numbers of facts to automatically recall to reduce the cognitive load when attempting to solve more difficult problems and access higher mathematics.

The transdisciplinary theme 'Who We Are' gives us a terrific opportunity to integrate mathematics into our inquiry unit by collecting accurate and relevant data for the students. The children will complete surveys that will analyse their strengths through the VIA character strength survey and discover their preferred learning styles through the multiple intelligences survey. This data will then be graphed, compared, and analysed to see their relative strengths and areas for improvement.

While the weather remains warm, we hope to spend some time this term getting outside, learning together on our beautiful campus. We look forward to having the chance to check in with you all further during Week 2 and 3 when we have parent-teacher interviews.