Year 5 Update

Well, what an unusual start to Term 2 for 2020. We hope this newsletter finds you all well and coping with the positives and the challenges that come with the significant changes affecting our lives at present. We wish to send a huge thank you to you all for your support with the Continuous Learning Program. Your feedback, patience, and words of support are very much appreciated.

Continuous Learning Program

This week saw us conduct our first Live Learning Sessions. It was so beautiful to see students' faces and be able to talk, interact, and learn together. As we move through Continuous Learning this term, we will be doing our best to make school tasks enjoyable and engaging, easy to follow, and meet students' learning needs. In these early stages, we will very much be assessing and adapting to make sure that we are getting the most out of our Live Learning Sessions and the Asynchronous tasks. 

Students need to understand the expectations and protocols around Continuous Learning, particularly the Live Learning Sessions. It will be the focus of our first few sessions to ensure that students are completely focused and attentive during these sessions. Finding a space free from distractions will be necessary during this time. The timetable sent out each Monday will help students and parents can get a plan for their week. A daily schedule is sent out each morning with information about tasks, check-ins, and Live Sessions for the day.

We are striving to ensure our students feel connected to us, to each other, and school as we are very aware of the wellbeing of students and families at this time. It is crucial that we continue to support each other and keeps the lines of communication open. Your feedback is appreciated helping us shape our approach, and please do not hesitate to contact us about any challenges plus any positives that you have seen in our work. 

Part of our commitment to helping students feel connected, we've put together a morning video, with the help of our students. It's is a reminder we are still here for each other; we are all connected, and we are all in this together. 

Inquiry -Sharing the Planet

Our Unit of Inquiry (UOI) for this term is titled 'A Fine Balance.' Our central idea is: 

'Interdependence within ecosystems can be connected to their features'

We will explore the concept of connection, causation, and function within various ecosystems, as well as exploring the features of ecosystems, the role of diversity, adaptations, balance, and interdependence within ecosystems. We have been busy planning a range of activities that will help students to engage with these understandings and concepts and help them to explore the delicate balance that exists within ecosystems and between living things.


Our focus in Literacy this term will be on Informative and Persuasive texts through reading, writing, and speaking and listening tasks and sessions. The majority of the Literacy this term will be linked to our Inquiry Unit, with specific skill-based courses when required. We will continue to expand and experiment with vocabulary, improve the description, focus on spelling unfamiliar and more complex words, strive for accuracy with more common spelling words, as well as plan, draft, and edit written work. We will be using a range of texts to help us explore comprehension strategies as well as exploring Informative and Persuasive Writing genres in greater detail. 

As per usual, students will need to continue with their reading each day.


As much as possible, our Maths program will relate to our Unit of Inquiry to help promote in-depth learning, understanding, and application. We will also have specific skills sessions where we will focus on personalised maths goals and areas of need. During our Number sessions, we will be focusing on place value, the four processes, fractions, and decimals. Our Measurement focus will help students develop their understanding and application of time, capacity, mapping, data.

Maths online tasks are also set to support personal learning.

Once again, we are very appreciative of your support as we begin a very different time in teaching and learning. If you need help or clarification about any of the points mentioned here, or if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and let us know. 

We wish you all the best as we start this new term together.

Kindest regards, 

Year 5 Classroom Teachers