Year 5 Update

Despite this term not quite starting the way we had planned and hoped, it has been wonderful to see our Year 5 students continuing to adapt and show high resilience during such an uncertain time. They genuinely do inspire us, and we feel fortunate to be with such excellent students every day. Although we miss being in together with our Year 5s in our classrooms, the daily live learning sessions that form part of our Continuous Learning Program mean that we hear the hellos, see the smiles and laughs as students come onto the screen and see each other each morning. It truly warms our hearts.

We have been very conscious of the student's wellbeing in this tricky and often stressful time. Morning class check-ins and chats have often focussed on a wellbeing type task, discussing feelings and emotions and generally trying to make the children feel a sense of belonging and connection to each other and us. We have also enjoyed some Mindfulness and meditation activities that have proved to be very popular. We hope to make this a more regular event as we continue on this journey. Another favorable wellbeing decision has been to build the time for both classes to come together regularly and share in a combined activity or celebration, such as a dress-up day. These have been lots of fun for us all.

As we settle into a more extended period of remote learning than expected, we are acutely aware of the need for balance. This means balancing a day (or week or school term) with work and downtime. For us as teachers, setting engaging tasks is a constant balancing act, but hopefully not too stressful. We are conscious of the need to occasionally break with a timetable if necessary to support all students' wellbeing. And while routine is essential, sometimes a shake-up is required to add a little fun and spontaneity into a day. Therefore, we have enjoyed adding elements such as dress-up days, these days, and fun activities for our week.

Unit of Inquiry

This week saw us conclude our fantastic unit about 'How the world works,' focusing on how scientific principles and processes can help us solve problems. We were astounded by the innovative and ingenious ideas of our Year 5 students as they designed, created, and pitched their unique products and inventions in their Shark Tank Project. Students put together short videos of their pitch to market and persuade the Shark Tank judges to invest in their design.  

We were so proud to see how creative our students were with this task, taking risks and thinking big! It was also wonderful to see the amount of support and involvement that parents and families had in this project, from helping design and build prototypes to even making special guest appearances in students' final pitch videos! It was indeed such a fantastic experience, and we commend everyone on their outstanding efforts. 

We are looking forward to getting into our next Unit of Inquiry, which will be looking at 'Where we are in Place and Time,' 


Our Literacy sessions have been a real highlight, with students being immersed in a wide array of texts and genres, from informative and procedural, to imaginative and persuasive. Our Book Club sessions have been a great success, with students enjoying curling up in a comfy spot and sharing literary adventures.  

In line with our Unit of Inquiry, Year 5 has been looking more closely and considering the concept of processes more deeply, which has been of great benefit during our Literacy sessions. This has enabled students to analyse the process of writing, from planning and drafting to editing and publishing texts for various purposes and audiences and the process and structure of different text types. It has been wonderful to watch students' ideas come alive throughout their planning processes and then culminate in beautiful pieces of writing that they should be very proud of. 

Students have greatly enjoyed our focus on persuasive texts. It was beautiful to see them apply their newfound understandings and skills or persuasive vocabulary and techniques in a meaningful way through their Inquiry projects and tasks. 


Math sessions have focused on 'processes,' relating number, and measurement to our Unit of Inquiry. Year 5 students have explored how to measure perimeter and area accurately and investigate the process of calculating these in real-life unit measurements and worded problems. It was beautiful to see students' confidence with the formulas and algorithms grow during our sessions. 

We have enjoyed exploring more complex counting patterns and their connection to multiplication and investigating and sharing strategies for learning our times' tables, which students have been very keen to master. We have then connected this concept to the fractions; fractions of a whole, of groups, proper and improper fractions, addition and subtraction, and looking at the real-life applications of our understanding of fractions. We look forward to exploring problem solving techniques and processes and enhancing and enriching students' perceptions of mathematical problem-solving coming weeks. 

Year 5 Classroom Teachers