Year 5 Update

What a wonderful first week it has been! Excited, happy, nervous, wondering, energized, fun, new, grown-up, team, these are just some of the words that the students of Year 5 2021 used to describe how they felt about starting this year. We could not feel more grateful, happy, and excited about the new year ahead.

Welcome to Year 5 students and all the parents!

The students have all settled in well this week. It's been wonderful to see the 'old' Minimbah students share the joys of learning here with the 15 new students and seeing the excited faces of 'wonder and awe' about the year ahead for everyone.

This week has mainly been about getting to know each other, setting routines, sharing our vision for building our learning environment, positive wellbeing, expected behaviours, and respect in the 5/6 Homestead.

Some of the activities, writing newspaper articles about ourselves, playing Ubuntu with the Year 6's, making Venn diagrams about our similarities and differences, sharing 'wonder and awe' experiences and stories, playing maths games, and discussing our expectations of a 'great classmate and learner.' (just some of the experiences this last week!)

Here are a few pics of the first day in Year 5.

Our first Inquiry Unit this year is 'Who We Are.'

Over the next few weeks, we will be focussing on change and how we all grow and change and adapt in many ways.

Central Idea:

  • People develop strategies to manage and support change.

Key Concepts:

  • Causation
  • Connection
  • Responsibility

Learner Profile Attributes:

  • Open-minded
  • Caring
  • Communicators

Lines of Inquiry: An inquiry into

  • Changes we go through (physical, social, emotional, environmental).
  • How changes influence our sense of self and relationships with others.
  • Strategies to support changes we go through.

We will also be investigating Statistics and Data, reading, understanding, presenting, and interpreting various information connected to change, and writing about ourselves and 'our stories.'

Specialist's Timetable and Uniform Expectations

  • Monday: Music
  • Tuesday: Music Workshop, Choir, and Orchestra (some students)
  • Wednesday: Indonesian, Drama, PE. (Activities from Week 4.)
  • Thursday: Library, Art
  • Friday: 5/6 Sport

Students are expected to be in the correct school uniform each day and to be wearing black leather shoes.

On Wednesday and Friday, they can wear Sports uniforms and runners to school.

Please pack bathers, towels, and goggles for swimming every day in case swimming in the pool happens.

A big thank you to the parents who were able to make the Information Night on Wednesday, and we look forward to meeting you all next week at Parent-Teacher meetings.

Looking forward to a fantastic year together in Year 5! 

Year 5 Classroom Teachers