Year 5 Update

Wow, it’s the end of Term 1 2021!! What an amazing last few weeks we have had, with so many exciting highlights. Here are some of the highlights from the Year 5 students and us.

Athletics Day

Many students headed off very nervous and excited about this day, not knowing the fun ahead. It was beautiful to see students take risks to go and then have so much fun, cheering on their schoolmates, running as fast as they could, and then winning the competition. We have heard the ‘Might Mighty Minimbah’ song a few times since then. Congratulations to all the students who went along and were part of the team.


We cannot stop smiling about our Assembly! Proud of the students and so happy that the parents were able to come, and what a turn out!!

Then it was so special to share in the Bunjils’ Nest ceremony with classmates, parents, and ECC students. The children were so proud to explain this tradition to new and younger students.

Writers Notebooks

The students have all started to make their own personal Writers Notebooks. Together we have looked at finding and planting a seed to help with and create interest and confidence in each students writing. The children have loved setting up their books and decorating the covers in their ways. It’s been exceptional 

Mental Maths

The students enjoyed some Mental Maths and then discovered areas/goals/interests they would like to work on. We have also continued more exploring Place Value, Factors, Multiples, Prime and Composite Numbers. We are looking forward to working towards personal goals next term. Remember, Mathsonline logins are in student diaries and can be done at home at any time. 

Bushrangers Bay Excursion/Inquiry provocation- Sharing the Planet

On Monday, we ventured out to hike in and out from Bushrangers Bay. Students experienced firsthand a coastal ecosystem, took notes, observed the natural connections in nature, noted biodiversity, and noticed the human impact. It was indeed a wonderful day of exploration, fun company, friendship, and a lovely way to finish a busy term. 

Students completed a Scientific Report about the day at school, including sketches, notes, and research. We then looked at some other diverse ecosystems and used senses to describe, think about what they were telling, observing and why, and answer some questions. 

Our Inquiry Unit- Saving the Planet

Central Idea- Interdependence within ecosystems can be connected to their features.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The features of ecosystems - The role of diversity, balance, and interdependence within ecosystems - The impact people have on ecosystems - Solutions and actions to maintain and regenerate ecosystems

Key Concepts:

  • connection, causation, function.

Related Concepts:

  • ecosystems, biodiversity, interdependence, solution.


  • connecting with nature, using the senses, gratitude.

Language Links:

  • note-taking
  • report writing
  • persuasive writing

If you were a scientist, what would you report on about Bushrangers Bay?’

Observations, sketches, thoughts, questions, research

Cross Campus Sports Day

On Thursday, we travelled across to Woodleigh to participate in an enjoyable sports day with Penbank students. Woodleigh students ran the day, and it was adorable to see the students all come together and have some fun competing in a variety of events.

We would like to wish all our students and their families a lovely Easter and a very relaxing, funfilled holiday. It has been a busy Term 1, and we are all ready for this break.

We look forward to another great term with your beautiful children

Thanks always for your support. Happy, safe holidays

Year 5 Classroom Teachers