Year 6 Update

Dear Year 6 Families,

As always, it has been a busy start to the year. We would like to thank you for attending Parent-Teacher interviews and PSGs as necessary. It makes our jobs that much easier with the information and insights that you provide us. Below is a summary of the learning and activities that have been occurring throughout the first few weeks and where we intend to take that through to the end of the term.

In English, we have: 

  • set up digital reading logs for all students to use to record reading both at home and school. You can log in to your child’s Woodleigh Microsoft OneDrive account at home using their school email and password. Please let us know if you have any trouble in doing so 
  • just begun using ‘Newsela’ again this year to read news articles about current affairs, and to identify features such as the main idea, and cause and effect 
  • started developing characters for narrative writing, using ‘Pixar-in-a-Box’ to study internal/external features, character wants/needs and personal story arcs 
  • used a range of assessment to develop writing study groups across Years 5 and 6 in order to target specific spelling, editing and grammar needs 
  • explored the correct methods for punctuating dialogue in formal narrative writing 
  • been practising speaking and listening with empathy and during Circle Time. 

In Maths, we have: 

  • completed and corrected Maths Mate challenges together, which cover essential elements of the Year 6 Maths curriculum 
  • used self-assessments and teacher-student conferences to help identify and prepare personal Maths goals, which are to be completed both at school and home 
  • begun using Maths Online as a key resource for independent study 
  • explored decimal notation through class games and explicit instruction 
  • identified points of need associated with decimal place value and fractions, working in targeted groups to build understanding 
  • commenced coding and logic sessions, using to develop problem-solving skills and computational thinking. 


Under the PYP theme of Who We Are, Year Six will investigate the central idea of: 

 ‘Building community creates a sense of belonging.’ 

We will focus on the key concepts of: 

  • Connection 
  • Responsibility 
  • Causation 

The related concepts of belonging, community, relationships and place will enhance our understandings. 

The following lines of inquiry will guide the investigations: 

  • How do we develop relationships within communities? 
  • How do we build a community? 
  • How do our actions and choices contribute to a sense of belonging? 

A vital part of this unit has been the collaboration between students in Years 5 and 6. Together we have: 

  • established routines and expectations for Monday Morning Meetings 
  • interviewed and painted a portrait of another student in the Homestead to develop empathy and understanding 
  • considered the rights and responsibilities of working within the Homestead building, especially in relation to cleaning and maintaining the space 
  • commenced our 5/6 Activities program, which helps to strengthen bonds between the year levels 
  • developed a shared Homestead Agreement based on our understandings of the 3 R’s (respect for self, others, and the environment) and the 3 S’s (self-monitor, self-manage and self-direct) 


We have been working to complete two tasks from our Homework Planner (the coloured grid). Hard copies were distributed to all students, and a digital copy is available for your reference on SeeSaw. The first task was due last week (Week 6), with the second due for submission in Week 8. Please encourage your child to see us if they have any questions or concerns, especially with relation to time management. 

As mentioned above, every student has set up their digital reading log. Please encourage them to enter details about home reading at least three times per week. 

All students will also be engaged in their personal Maths goal cycles. This usually involves independent study using Maths Online (, though we support and encourage other resources through teacher-student conferencing. Please let us know if you need the login details for work on this at home. 

Important dates related to Year 6: 

Round Square Thailand conference – Wednesday 11 March 
Parent Information Session for those attending the Round Square Thailand conference (further details will be communicated via email) 

‘Unique You’ – Thursday 12 March 
Final ‘Unique You’ session for Year 6 students, presented by BodySafe Australia 

School Photos – Friday 13 March 

PFG Social Evening – Friday 13 March 

Peninsula Zone Swimming Championships – Monday 16 March  

Project Rockit – Session 2 for Year 6 students – Monday 16 March

Interschool Chess Championships (selected students) – Wednesday 18 March

District Athletics Track Events @ Ballam Park (selected students) - Friday 20 March

Grandparents Day - Tuesday 24 March 

Minimbah/Penbank Cross-Campus Sports Day - Thursday 26 March

Senior Campus Assembly - Friday 27 March  

Year 6 invited to the Senior Campus Assembly 

Term 1 Concludes 

Term 2 Commences - Wednesday 15 April 

Round Square Thailand Conference - Friday 17 April 
Selected students depart for Round Square Thailand Conference @ 7pm 

Year 6 Canberra Study Tour - Monday 27 April – Friday 1 May

Andrew Hicks and Jacqui Stocker
Year 6 Teachers