Year 6 Update

Welcome to Term 2 and the exciting, challenging world of Continuous Learning. We look forward to working with you all this term, providing support, and navigating this new terrain together.

Continuous Learning

This week we have introduced elements of face-to-face learning via videoconferencing. Students need to understand the expectations and protocols around this type of knowledge, so this has been the focus of our first few sessions. On Monday, we sent out a more concrete timetable and sequence of learning activities to help students and parents better plan for their week. A weekly overview goes out each Monday. We will also endeavour to run through a daily schedule with our students during our first Zoom session each day.

There seems to be this strange paradox at the moment where we are hungry for news and information, yet this flood can threaten to overwhelm us. As teachers, we are struggling to strike the right balance of communication to parents and students, regularly reflecting on whether we are giving enough information, or whether we are overwhelming you all. As always, your feedback would be most appreciated and will help shape and guide our work.


Our unit of Inquiry this term is called 'Democratica,' with the central idea being:

"Citizens may have the potential to influence decision making."

We will explore the concepts of change, perspective, responsibility, and citizenship through the investigation of different forms of decision making around the world, both at a government level, all the way through to personal choices.

Unfortunately, our planned study tour to Canberra will not go ahead. Still, we are looking forward to students engaging in activities and discussions about these concepts, considering how they can collaborate with others and make a difference to the world around them.


Our focus this term will be on two main writing genres: Informative and Persuasive, both integrating well with our unit of Inquiry. We will also continue to use Newsela to analyse non-fiction writing by identifying the Author's Purpose and considering concepts such as sub-text, bias, and intent.

Our spelling programs will continue to evolve based on individual student needs identifying through ongoing review and assessment of work. We also expect students to maintain their reading and record this in their digital reading logs. If you are unsure about how to access these logs, please let us know.


We will be approaching Maths learning in two main ways this term:

  1. Personal Maths Goals – students will maintain a dialogue with their classroom teacher to move through their Maths Goals cycles using the SMART goals format. It will help to address specific areas of need and provide opportunities to explore topics of interest.
  2. A whole-class focus, initially on measurement, mapping, and timetables (not to be confused with multiplication, or times tables!)

We are very fortunate to have both Gabby Williams and Briony Wright working closely with the students and us. Gabby is instrumental in planning and delivering our personalised programs in Literacy and Maths, ensuring that students are supported and challenged. Briony is on board, especially aiding us in research tasks and inquiry learning. 

Again, if you need help or clarification about any of these topics or concepts, please reach out to us. It's all-new, and we can't guarantee we'll get everything right, but we are committed to working with you to build the best possible Continuous Learning community.

Year 6 Classroom teachers