Year 6 Update

We have certainly made every minute count since getting back on campus. The past few weeks have involved presentation and performance, with the students participating in the production of TEP Talks and The Lion King.

Through our Unit of Inquiry into How We Express Ourselves, the students have had the opportunity to hone many skills. In particular, they have used:

Research skills – gathering information and checking the reliability of sources.

Communication skills – speaking clearly and confidently, using media to enhance a presentation, and listening to others.

Social skills – supporting others in rehearsals and during performances

Thinking skills – reflecting on learning processes and presentations.

Our focus now turns to Graduation, and we continue to focus on connecting with others through our creativity. As we plan and write graduation speeches, design and create unique art pieces, and rehearse performance elements, it will be vital that we support one another with encouragement, humour, and positivity.

We are all so excited to go to the Dromana 3 Drive-in and see the premiere of our miraculous Minimbah version of The Lion King. Thank you for supporting the students and us in our quest to complete filming and production. It has felt like a genuine team effort. Please enjoy some photos from behind the scenes.

Hakuna matata!

Year 6 Classroom Teachers