Year 6 Update

‘This Is An Incitement’ by Chris Riddell

Don’t settle into inertia

As the ash falls on your head and shoulders

Soft and ankle-deep at your feet

Take up your pens and brushes

And make Art.

The ancient dragon of greed

Coiled tight around their hoards

Don’t understand Art.

But the snake oil minions

Who whisper in their ears as they sleep,

They fear it.

Art can capture the souls

They bought and paid for.

If you want to slay dragons,

Make Art.

How apt, then, that as we bounce from face-to-face learning and lockdowns that our inquiry unit running through the rest of the year is all about how we express ourselves.

Welcome to Term 3. It’s all downhill from here as we race towards the end of the year – trust us, it disappears in a flash as we are so busy.


We started this term with critical conversations around the work standards we have noticed across the class, recognising that it was time to raise the bar in a couple of areas. The presentation of our work was discussed as we sought to find the balance between content and care with handwriting/formatting. We are also keen to change the culture around personal reading.

Each student has a reading log where they are encouraged to record the novels that they read. They should be choosing books that provide a balance between engagement and challenge. It is expected that when we come in after lunch break each day that they are prepared to sit and read independently rather than ‘fake read’ and continue the socialising from recess.

Reading is the foundation of all we do at school, so all students must give themselves the best chance to engage with reading and work to make it an enjoyable experience. We encourage positive, daily conversations with your child about what they read, reinforcing the culture we establish in the classroom.

As we engage with our Inquiry unit, ‘How We Express Ourselves’, the opportunity presents itself to engage with various art forms and understand how we react. Critically analysing our reactions to Art and those of the people we make Art for allows us to study and write opinions in the forms of critiques and reviews. We are also engaging with scriptwriting as we prepare for our Year 6 Production and TEP Talks.


Our number focus for the beginning of this semester looks at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. We want the students to understand equivalence and the processes involved in calculating the conversions between fractions, decimals, and percentages. As such, we have revisited division, working with remainders and decimals. All students have a Personal Maths Goal, which will cement their knowledge and build their skills in these areas. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to explore how to manipulate fractions in equations and maths problems.


Our first Unit of Inquiry for this term is How We Express Ourselves, investigating the Arts.

How We Express Ourselves: An inquiry into how we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; how we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Central Idea: The Arts can be used in different ways to express ideas and evoke a response.

An inquiry into:

  • How the Arts can be used to express ideas
  • How the Arts can be used to evoke a response
  • Using our creativity to express ideas and evoke a response.

During the first two weeks, we have occupied ourselves with learning about what Art is, how we engage with it personally, and the impact on an audience. This unit will be running throughout the rest of the year concurrently with two other units. It will help inform the TEP Talks the students will be doing at the end of Term Three. It is, of course, tightly integrated with our Production, scheduled for Week 8 this term.

Last week we enjoyed the film Minari, which was equal parts touching, funny and confronting. This reflects our focus shift as we begin to unpack the migrant experience and their stories through the unit ‘Where We Are in Place and Time.’


‘The Hidden Tales of Hunter Inkwell’ has begun to emerge from our imaginations, and rehearsals, props, set design and costume production are well and truly underway. Serena Wong has worked with the actors on specific scenes and choreography, and Sarah Thomas has worked with all the students to get that singing pitch just perfect! We have maintained the rehearsal schedule online, but it will be wonderful to get back to school and perform live and in person. Please encourage your child to keep on practising their lines – even pets can make good audience members!


Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to review the TEP Talk documents that have been posted to the announcements page in Seesaw. The TEP Talk project forms the basis of our homework program throughout Term 3. There are clear directions for what to complete week-to-week, and students must stick to this schedule as much as possible to avoid being overwhelmed as the due date looms. We encourage discussion and conferences, so if your child is concerned by any part of this process, please let us know and prompt them to organise a chat with us.

We look forward to inviting you into our TV studio at the end of the term to view your child’s final presentation – fingers crossed that those restrictions allow it!

Thanks for your support during this most recent period of lockdown. We enjoyed meeting with you at parent-teacher interviews, and it was great to have students involved in their conversations about their learning. If you still want to chat, feel free to reach out and organise a time.