Year 7 Maths Presentation Night

How can you sketch the Batman symbol using mathematical equations in Desmos? How can we compare the leap height and distance of frogs and toads? How does the ramp angle and take-off velocity affect the jump distance of a motorbike?

These are just some of the problems investigated by our Year 7 students in Maths in term 3, culminating in a Maths Presentation Night for parents during STEAM Week, where students communicated their finished projects and investigations.

At the end of what has been a very busy term, special thanks go to the Year 7 Maths teachers - Rosie Cian, Karen Somkiat, Greg Davies, Cass Kitto and Glenn Ogier – for their hard work in preparing the students for the evening. Thank you also to the other staff who attended on the night and/or helped support the preparation for the event.

Acting Learning Area Leader - Maths