Year 7 Term 1 Activities

Girl’s Skateboarding at The Shed 

“I chose this Activity as I’ve never skated before, but always wanted to. I like trying new and different things, especially with my friends, and I thought it would be a really good experience for me to test out. I learnt how to skateboard confidently, the skill of teamwork to help my friends while they returned the favour and discovered the long-lost art of utter persistence. Because when you fall, you just have to get back up and try again (and again and again). 

I was always looking forward to skating, I just couldn’t get enough of it. Feeling the urge to go down a ramp, again and again, just doing it “One more time!”. It was great to help my friends reach their skating goals, as well as accomplishing my own and then going home to practise those skills until I got them right. 

The funniest thing that I saw during Activities was probably the video of everyone on their skateboards crashing and falling over at the start, and then flawless tricks and ramp runs towards the end. 

I’d definitely encourage and recommend anyone that wants to give skating a go to do this Activity and make the most of every session they have because it’s nothing more or less than pure fun.” 

Zoe Heffernan

Song Writing and Composition

“I wanted to do this Activity because I love songwriting, I have done it before outside of school and I wanted to finish a song that I had not fully written, and I did. I’m really proud of it. In songwriting I had to be patient, sometimes you can’t think of any lyrics or chords and you spend the entire lesson thinking and trying to get inspiration. But that’s part of the process. I also had to be persistent and brave. You shouldn’t give up when you feel like it because in the end you can be proud of your work. And bravery is when you have to perform, which I did, and I felt grateful to have such good feedback. 

I think will remember how proud I am of the song I finished, and I also started a few new ones. I think it was just funny when you can’t think of something and you spend the lesson trying to look at things from a different point of view or to listen to other people’s ideas.” 

Milla Lee    

Snorkel Diver

“I chose Snorkel Diver because I love snorkelling and I thought it would be amazing to do at school and gain some more experience. I learnt to do a giant stride and I really liked learning underwater communication. Seeing a potbelly seahorse under the pier was amazing, I loved this so much.” 

Moscow Roller

Block Printing

“My first Activity at Woodleigh was Block Printing. I wanted to try this as it was something I had never done before. I learnt to be patient because getting the right colour and print pattern was difficult and challenging because it is hard to find your own pattern and style. Overall, the Activity was very fun and a great opportunity.” 

Lola Dwyer-Morris

Balls and Bowls Galore

“I really liked the sound of the activities we got to do during the Balls and Bowls Galore, especially because I don’t often get to go to any type of bowling places. During the sessions I learnt to challenge myself, look for new friends, be open to suggestions, to collaborate with teammates and resilience. 

What I will remember most about this Activity was when we were playing lawn bowls for the first time and we won a small trophy for winning a competition against everyone in the Activity. Activities are a really great way to make new friendships.” 

Joshua Lewis  

Dance and Choreography      

“I wanted to do the Dance and Choreography Activity as I love dance and I couldn’t do it outside of school this term. During the sessions I learnt lots about how to choreograph my own dances and working together with other people. 

It was fun choreographing a dance to the song ‘The Locomotion’, we worked with Year 9 as well as Year 7. I really loved Dance and Choreography and would definitely recommend it to other students, experienced or not.” 

Anika Gay    

Making Music with Technology

"I loved the idea of making my own music, but I've never known how to and I've never had the equipment to do it. I learnt to work individually because you had to do it by yourself and create your own music/tune. 

I had the time of my life making my own music and the learning from the apps that we used. Thanks to Mr Bingham for making it a great first Activity." 

Thomas Mathews

Photography and Photoshop

"I did it at my primary school and I was really interested in it so I wanted to do it again. The skills I learnt were how to use Lightroom and Photoshop and also how to be a better photographer. 

I will remember editing my first picture which was of some garbage I found on the ground. My friend and I worked together, and we made it look weird. I really enjoyed the Activity; it gave me the full ability to edit photos and I would recommend it to anyone." 

Jack Schultz

Indoor Climbing

"I wanted to do this Activity because I like rock climbing and it seemed a really fun way to get to meet people in different year levels. The main skill I learnt along the way was to challenge myself with harder walls. What I will remember most from this Activity is meeting some new friends and getting to the top of almost every wall." 

Rebecca Jeffries     

Summer Fitness Fun

"I wanted to be part of the Summer Fitness Fun Activity because I wanted to get fit, strong and healthy. I learnt how to use equipment in the gym and also a bit about the body and how different workouts can strengthen different muscles." 

Charley Robinson     

The Woodleigh Farm

"I chose this Activity as I wanted to experience the farm and see if that is something I would like to continue in my spare time. I used teamwork - working together to hold, wash and weigh the animals. I also learnt many other farm skills like how to show the animals. 

Going to the Berwick show, I showed one of the baby goats (kids). I was really nervous to show it, but I ended up getting 3rd prize for it. This was a great learning experience and I would love to do it again. I really enjoyed this Activity; I learnt a lot. I made heaps of great friendships that will continue once this Activity is over." 

Rani Jones