Year 8 Community Partnership visit to Coolart Wetlands

On the first 29-degree day in a few months, not many people would be looking forward to going outside and working with Parks Victoria.

While our group was for some reason looking forward to the day ahead, none of us were really thrilled about getting onto the sweltering hot bus. After spending about 15 minutes making sure everyone had water we clambered aboard and blasted the air conditioning on the way to the Coolart Homestead.

As it turns out Casey, the Ranger that we were working with, also wasn’t looking forward to doing any intensive fieldwork for the day and instead decided we should check on the nesting boxes dotted around the reserve. This process was really a two-person job, so while he tried not to fall off his ladder, the rest of us kept an eye out for any birds flying in and out. After checking the boxes around the offices, we made our way to the bird hides to check on the general population of the Swamp Hens and Ibis.

Glaring sun aside, the day was great, we got to explore a new place, look at lots of interesting birds while having fun outdoors and spending time with friends. It was really nice to get away from the school for a day and engage with the environment that we live in.

Year 8