Partnered with families. Welcoming friends.

There is something special about the way people respond to each other at Woodleigh. We have our own special character.

Ours is a community where laughter, diligence, curiosity, scholarship, kindness, honesty, excitement and an occasional touch of magic thrive.

While the tangible outcomes of a Woodleigh education can be seen in our excellent Year 12 results and tertiary placement record, the daily rewards experienced by each student continue year after year.

Education at Woodleigh has always been a partnership between school and families. We work with families to raise young adults who have a well developed sense of themselves and a true understanding of their values.

Our current and past parent groups work to support and represent the school. A growing program of past student events give past students many opportunities to re-connect with their old school.


Thirteen years is a long time to spend in any one place. That’s how long we spend at school. So it’s pretty special when people willingly choose to come back to a place they’ve grown out of.

Classes of 2003, 2011 & 2013 it's time to GET BACK to Woodleigh on Saturday 7 October at 3pm!

Join us in the Bush Chapel at our Senior Campus for drinks and nibbles whilst reminiscing about your time at Woodleigh with old friends.

Classes of 2003, 2011 & 2013 - Let us know you're coming

After a two-year pause, we're delighted to be reinvigorating our alumni program!

We've got big plans, but first things first, we need to stay connected!

Please update your details using the form below, and share with your Woodleigh friends and encourage them to reconnect.

Flipping the Script: Students to Staff


Being big believers in helping young people get job ready through meaningful on-the-job education, Woodleigh has offered traineeships through the AFL SportsReady traineeship program for many years. AFL SportsReady is a national not-for-profit that has launched the careers of thousands of young people in fields as diverse as IT, Media, Visual Arts and Sport. In 2022 all three of our trainees were past students. We had a chat to Harrison Robertson (2021) Anika McClean (2020), and Aidan Bolch (2021) – to hear about their experience.

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2022 Reunion Reflections


When you leave Woodleigh, the Woodleigh stays with you. We spoke to Three Woodleigh alumni about what it felt like returning to campus for Reunion in late 2022, and the Woodleigh qualities they carry with them to this day.

Jess Miller (2001), Ryan Wheatley (2002), and Gabi Stanszus (2012) reflected on their time at Woodleigh School.

Apart from my friendships, probably the biggest lesson I took away from Woodleigh was the understanding that fitting in is boring. Caring about the things you actually care about – no matter how niche – is the best ticket for a life well lived. Gabi Stanszus

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Making a Difference in the Community


Tahnee Burgess (2011), Dylan Bolch (2019), Caitlin Russo (2012) and Vanessa Weir (2011) returned to Senior Campus for our ‘Making a Difference in the Community’ Careers Assembly in Term 2. Addressing a crowd of Year 10 to 12 students, they spoke of their post-school journeys through tertiary education, employment progression and the twists, turns and reinventions that make up the passion and purpose-finding process that is building a career.

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Mother's Day Out


During the lunch, guests were treated to a Q & A with two well-respected and admired Woodleigh alumni; Mel Gleeson, Founder & CEO of Endota Spa, current Woodleigh parent and Woodleigh Board member; and Emma Cleine, Founder & Owner of Lumiere Art & Co, current Woodleigh parent and Leader of the Arts Learning Area.

Through an engaging conversation, Mel and Emma challenged Woodleigh women to take risks, to back themselves, and do something they are passionate about. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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International Women's Day Luncheon


My Woodleigh experience was so rewarding and I feel it supported shaping who I am today. The teachers were quite remarkable, there was so much diversity throughout the school, and you could always find someone you connected with.

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Alumni Panel

A panel of our Woodleigh alumni returned to their old hood, to speak with our Year 8 Humanities students. As accomplished business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs, their stories made for perfect real-world inspiration.

In the context of learning by doing, our Humanities kids, embarking on a hands-on inquiry project in their Business Enterprise studies, were privy to our panellists' wildly different paths, passions and versions of success in a changing world.

The five spoke openly about their lives and experiences, touching on innovation, adaptability, ethical and unethical practice, and sustainability. A takeaway from the discussions was that knowing yourself and what you care about is hugely significant.

Thank you to Artemis Kothrakis, a 1996 graduate, and Director of Seen Promotional Co and Ecolyfe.
Paige Busbridge, a 2015 graduate and co-owner of Om Som Yoga and Ayurveda.
Linda Crittenden, Minimbah and Senior Campus Parent, and owner and manager of Lakeside Villas at Crittenden Estate.
Andrew (Chewy) Chew, Penbank and Senior Campus Parent, and past Director of the highly successful No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne's CBD.
And Sam Stewart,

We are grateful for the wisdom and stories of success and failure, ups, downs and transformations, and for their strong contribution to our shared community.


We'd love to hear your latest news so that we can share it with our community. If you’re about to start an exciting job, accomplish something inspiring, undertake further study, or have recent family news, please complete this form!

We love having past students and staff back on campus, sharing their wisdom and passion.

Careers, the Camps and Activities Programs, the Visual and Performing Arts, Sports and cultural events – there are so many opportunities for our community to be involved in Woodleigh life after leaving.

Pop your details into the form below and we look forward to having you back at Woodleigh!

Ten years is a long time. Twenty years... well, we know that's doubly long. But when you get back in a space like the Bush Chapel, those years, just seem to melt away.

On Saturday, former students from 2003 and 2013 (and one intrepid soul from 1983) gathered in the shade of the Bush Chapel for catch-ups big and small, the telling of tall tales of yore, and introductions of partners and family.

Thank you to all the Woodleigh folk who came down to reminisce about their time in this very special place.

It was great to have you back.

Thirteen years is a long time to spend in any one place. That’s how long we spend at school. So it’s pretty special when people willingly choose to come back to a place they’ve grown out of.

It was lovely to welcome back the Class of 1993 on Saturday 18 March, for their 30 Year Reunion.

Reunion - Classes of 2001, 2002, and 2012

It was lovely to have our creative alumni back for this year's Arty Market.

We were delighted to have some 1,700 visitors join us at the 2022 Arty Market with many buying Christmas presents, listening to the student bands, and grabbing some yummy food. It was fantastic to see the creative juices flowing within our community.

Alumni Market Stallholders

Citrus Splash- Growing Sustainably Together

Hand-poured soy wax, essential oil candles with cotton wicks, use the best nature can provide. Candles are a symbol of all that is good in life. They encourage us to see things in a different light. Briony Morgan (1993)

Chloe Sophia Jewellery

Creating unique handcrafted jewellery imbued with character and life. Chloe Smart (2012)

Kii-Una Botanicals

A range of essential oils, facial serum, skin food (eczema balm), roller bottles, room sprays, lip balm, and candles. Ruth Ogier, nee Steckyj (1994)

Koa by Kaitlin

A range of handmade ceramics. Colourful ceramic vases, cups, candles (poured into our ceramic cups) bowls, and pots. Kaitlin Liddell (2007)

Lumiere Art + Co.

A range of prints, handprinted and dyed homewares. Established an online business selling accessible heirloom goods and artworks. Emma Cleine (1997)

M&M Craft

A range of personalised pencil cases, unique yarn crafts - beanies, face washers, make-up pads, etc. Miffy Farquharson (1983)

Mumma Made

A range of relishes, pickles, jam, marmalade, and mustard. Louise Evenden (1989)

Sarah Dingwall

A range of handmade glass pieces for everyday delight. Sarah Dingwall (2005)

Tina Origami

A range of origami including paper cranes on strings, individually, earrings, bracelets, and cards. Pia Murray (2021)

Webby’s Woodwork

A range of wooden indoor plant stands, indoor pots, wooden display units, and small wooden picnic tables. Kelsie Vickery (2016)

Woodleigh School Alumni aims to maintain and enhance a vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide.

The purpose of the Woodleigh School Alumni is to promote the welfare of Woodleigh School and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Woodleigh School and its alumni.

Woodleigh helps alumni connect with the school and with fellow graduates through a range of different events, services, and activities.

These days it is all too easy to stay up to date with what’s happening at Minimbah, Penbank, and Woodleigh.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and of course, make regular visits to the news sections of this site.

Of course, there's always 'Namalata,' the school's publication for current and past families, which is full of updates and stories of what Woodleigh folks are doing.

Namalata is nothing without your news – and whilst we have a good, functioning grapevine, we’d hate to miss anyone or anything. So let us know what you’re up to! We love hearing the news and stories of our past students and staff members.

We love receiving photos, stories, and other tidbits, please share with us at or give us a call on 5971 6147.

We invite you to reconnect with Woodleigh. To update your contact details simply complete the form above.


Welcome back to Namalata, Woodleigh's Community Magazine.

If you have any exciting stories to share, please reach out to Adam Liddiard, Director of Community Relations, or call 5971 6100.

Enjoy the Semester 1, 2023 Edition of Namalata

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Enjoy the Semester 1, 2022 Edition of Namalata

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Woodleigh School challenges the Adventurous Minds of students when Wugularr School and the Penbank Campus meet in Beswick

Dear Friends,

Your support of the Wugubank Partnership is immensely important to us.

This newsletter is about our recent adventure to Beswick involving Wugularr and Penbank Year 6 students. Growing from strength to strength, the Wugubank Partnership enables children to learn together.

Two-way learning at its best!

Over the years, the Wugularr mob and Penbank mob easily slip into gear when they meet. Whether it is on the Peninsula or at Beswick, it is two-way learning at its best. There is no judgement, simply so much to learn from our very diverse and amazing environments.

To see children sharing their worlds and culture, from the Bottom End to the Top End of Australia, is truly remarkable. Students explored an area known as Top Yard with Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Tango (Frankie Lane). They swam in the pure waters of the Waterhouse River system that runs through the community of Beswick and walked along its banks to see Rock Art created centuries ago by the Aboriginal people of this spectacular land. Children covered themselves in mud and danced around the rocks and the waterways. Such fun was had by all!

The Wugularr mob’s confidence has grown incredibly. At Nitmiluk the children taught the Penbank mob how to dance to prepare for a corroboree. They freely sang together and knew the songs that had been learnt in previous years. There was no shame. These were just a couple of examples that demonstrated how relationship building develops confidence and trust. It was a pleasure to see.

Education beyond and keeping connected

We are always very excited to see the Wugularr and Penbank mob get together. As students move into the secondary years, a number of them are choosing to attend school in Darwin or even in Melbourne. Recently we were very pleased to have Kenita B visit Salwyn currently living in Mt Eliza. Kenita is in Year 7 at MITS (Melbourne Indigenous Transition School) and Salwyn is past student of Woodleigh. Both Kenita and Salwyn enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with Penbank and Woodleigh friends for a Saturday BBQ.

Thank you

Special thanks are extended to David Quin for leading the Wugubank expeditions, the teachers and staff involved from both Penbank and Wugularr School, and importantly, the Beswick community for including us in their lives. It is truly a unique experience and privilege to be involved in this partnership fondly known as Wugubank!

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Woodleigh School Mops Group

MOPS (Mothers of Past Students) is a group of people, who have been associated with Woodleigh as mothers, staff, sometimes ex-students, and even fathers. We enjoy supporting Woodleigh events such as the vibrant Homestead Night and ever-creative Arty Market, and we love getting involved with the energy of the School.

Membership is purely casual – turn up when you can, even if it is only a few times a year. We gather for dinner at the Canadian Bay Hotel in Mount Eliza on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm, and new faces are always welcome.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with Peta Gogan at or call our Community Relations team on 5971 6100. We would love to see a few new faces there!

Peta Gogan

MOPS Coordinator

Supporting Woodleigh School

Respect for ourselves, for others and our environment.

For over 40 years, Woodleigh School has relied on the generosity of our community to make our school be the best it can be. This aligns closely with our school’s values – respect for self, others and the environment.

When you give to Woodleigh, you are supporting life-changing scholarships, incredible support programs and investing in state of the art facilities across all of our campuses. School fees alone do not provide the capital needed to shape the future of Woodleigh School.

Every gift makes a genuine difference to the lives of students who attend Woodleigh School.

Woodleigh School Community Fund

Donations to the Woodleigh School Community Fund are not tax deductible. 

Woodleigh School’s Community Fund continues to promote respect, understanding and appreciation of others within our community. The Community Fund helps support Woodleigh School’s Community Programs and Partnerships including links with Wugubank, Ampilatwatja, Miwatj and the Sudanese Homework Club. These programs and partnerships provide valuable experiences for a wide range of students including those from local and remote communities across Australia. 

Woodleigh School Scholarship Fund

Donations over $2 to the Woodleigh School Scholarship Fund are tax deductible. 

Our scholarship program continues to be vitally important for all within our community. This fund provides opportunity to students who in normal circumstances would be unable to attend Woodleigh School. With your help, we can continue to make scholarships available to deserving students from across Australia who we believe will thrive in the Woodleigh environment and in turn make a significant contribution to the life of our school.

Bursaries also provide assistance to Woodleigh families who would otherwise not be able to continue to attend Woodleigh School without financial support.

Woodleigh School Building Fund

Donations over $2 to the Woodleigh School Building Fund are tax deductible.

The Woodleigh School Building Fund provides support for capital work. 

It supports the maintenance of existing buildings, the redevelopment of older buildings and construction of new buildings according to the school needs. 

Masterplans for all campuses at Woodleigh School are large scale, ambitious and long-term. We are committed to providing state of the art facilities in which to teach and learn.

To assist the Principal and the Board realise the exciting plans outlined in the Woodleigh School Masterplan at a pace not otherwise possible, we seek the generous financial and philanthropic support of our community.

For more information about how you can support Woodleigh School, please contact the Community Relations Department – or phone 5971 6100.