Child Safety Officers (CSO)

The School has appointed Child Safety Officers across all of our campuses. They are provided annually with specialised training on child protection issues, mandatory reporting and their legal obligations. In working with all school staff and volunteers, they are known within our School as Child Safety Officers (CSO) to raise the importance, profile and facilitate the embedding of a culture of child safety. Our Child Safety Officers are often the first point of contact for all staff, students, parents and carers to raise child safety or child abuse concerns. They work collaboratively with the Child Safety Champion to ensure all concerns of child safety and child abuse are escalated, reported and responded.

Our Child Safety Officers can be contacted at any time to discuss your concerns and their name and contact details are provided regularly in our communications.

Child Safety Champion

Rod Davies

Minimbah Campus

Rod Davies

Kate Bird

Liane Clements

Lisa Coxon

Jo Jillett

Penbank Campus

Andrea Khoza

Olivia Takacs

Alison Behrend

Senior Campus

David Baker

Nat McLennan

Haydn Flanagan

Donna Nairn